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By Emanuel Johnson | 10/2/11 10:31pm


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Campus View

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When it comes to keeping in competition with some of the other off-campus housing options around Grand Valley State University, Brian Gardner, owner and operator of Campus View Apartments, said his strategy is simple.

“What I realize is that we just do a lot more for our tenants — a lot more,” he said. “Anything anyone else has, we have – like Meadows Crossing has a pool, and so do we – but we have things that nobody else does.”

Among those things that no one else has is Campus View’s own bus shuttle service, which runs from the apartment complex to the south entrance of the Kirkhof Center and is available free of charge to all tenants.

Other features unique to Campus View include indoor basketball and volleyball courts, an expanded community center and a dance studio where the center offers yoga and pilates classes. The use of these facilities, as well as the services Campus View offers within them, are all free of charge to tenants.

Campus View leadership is also in the process of installing heated bus shelters at its Rapid bus stop. Pending zoning approval from Allendale Township, Gardner said he plans to have the shelter installed by November of this year.

The complex also features a newly-installed swimming pool, hot tub, game room, movie theater and tanning room.

“Anything that anyone else has, we have, and we have everything that anyone else has,” Gardner said.

And yet for all of the extras that Campus View offers its tenants, it still has to be able to keep its prices competitive. Tenants who prefer smaller living spaces can rent a two-bedroom apartment unit for as little as $285 per month or a one-bedroom apartment unit for $280 per month.

Tenants seeking more space can rent a four-bedroom two-bathroom townhouse, which is one of the more popular choices, for as little as $340 per month on a 12-month lease.

Campus View is also flexible in its leasing options. It offers full-year leases of 12 months, school year leases of nine months and short term/summer leases of three months, all at relatively low prices, Gardner said.

“We’re among the least expensive, and certainly the least expensive of the ‘border communities,’” he said. “Our prices are competitive with everyone and are significantly less than Meadows Crossing – we’re about $1,500 less than Meadows Crossing, 48west and Copper Beech, and yet we do way more for our tenants.”

Gardner said Campus View hosts about four community events per school year, which typically include a welcoming social and a Super Bowl party. At this year’s luau-themed welcoming social, about 300 tenants attended.

About 15 to 20 spots are still open for the winter semester this year, and all spots are still up for grabs for next year. Campus View is also sponsoring a promotion for student going on mission trips who sign up for a new lease next year.

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