Tell me something I don’t know.

By Amina Mamaty | 9/30/12 2:19pm

The sky can be grey, the sky can be blue. Fresh Food Company doesn’t always satisfy everyone’s appetite. Classes will get harder throughout the semester. Our school has a good football team. Not everybody on this planet has to the same religion. The new library, the Mary Idema Pew Library and Learning Commons, is almost finished. Everyone is catching the flu like any other school year at any other university. Vote, it’s important. Parties are bad, campus security will get you. Oh, and carrots are orange if it happens that everybody forgot. Grand Valley State University has more plants than students. Art is such a beautiful thing. Go to Art Prize. Be tolerant and have a good heart. Be healthy, drink a pop that cost .99 cents instead of a bottle of water that cost $1.59! You can’t drink alcohol if you’re not 21. There are a lot of freshmen this year, in case you haven’t noticed. The economy in America is messed up. Broke people are broke and rich people are rich.

Deep sigh … Please, tell me something I don’t know.
All Asians are smart and Africa is obviously a country. Every black person can sing and white people can’t dance. These are all things that a lot of us think we know. Fries are not French, they’re from Belgium. Every day, Americans eat an estimated 18 acres of pizza. In Tibet, it is considered polite to stick out your tongue at your guests. The largest city existing outside of Japan is located in São Paulo, Brazil in the “Liberdade” district. “Iran” means “Land of the Aryans.” The state with the highest percentage of people who walk to work is Alaska. What happened to Kony?

That’s something I know you didn’t know. Guess what, there is nothing wrong with it, I didn’t either.

What I am trying to say is that our generation should be able to read and be more informed about things that make us move forward in life and culture is one of them. I know, why would you try to get to know another culture when you are still learning about your own? Well, one can’t go without the other. Ignorance is still a disease.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t really happen. Who would have thought so in 2013? I can’t sleep at night knowing that there are still people walking around thinking that Paris is in London. When I open a newspaper, I’m expecting to learn something new, and the rest is the last of my worries. Being informed takes more motivation than it takes time, that is for sure. It is never too late to start anything. I hope my column gives a little bit of fresh air to anybody who reads them, because at the end of the day, that’s what we should all be seeking – in my opinion, of course.

Chuck Norris can make tears cry? Once again, tell me something I don’t know.

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