Students explore their options at GVSU Majors Fair

By Paige Platte | 11/11/12 2:31pm


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Grand Valley student exchanges business cards with a potential employer at a past career fair.

Exploring the possibilities is what the college experience is all about, and the Grand Valley State University Majors Fair offered a multitude of possibilities to students.

The Grand River room in Kirkhof was filled with faculty and staff from every department on campus. Students were able to ask faculty members questions about anything related to the different majors offered at GVSU.

“I really appreciated how well the faculty answered my questions,” said freshman Taylor Cassidy. “It really helped me narrow things down.”

Faculty members from all disciplines mentioned that one of the greatest aspects of their respective fields is the chance to work with and help people.

“I would say with an undergraduate in psychology you can do so many things working closely with people and the mind,” said Bill Rogers, GVSU psychology professor.

Psychology is not the only major that offers a chance to work with people – human biology also offers a chance to help people in many aspects.

“It’s such an intrinsic way of helping people,” said human biology faculty member Patricia Matthews.

Matthews said that working in the health field has been a wonderful opportunity to use her knowledge of science to help others culturally, physically and mentally.

Cell and molecular biology may not involve direct work with people, but often the discoveries in this field make great strides for humanity.

“The best thing about cell and molecular biology is that there is a research project required for the major,” said Margaret Dietrich, associate professor. “It gives students the opportunity to get a lot of one-on-one time.”

A major that may not be widely known is comprehensive science and arts for teaching. Many students in this major are preparing for a career in special education.

“People in this major prepare to help very fragile populations,” said Regina Smith, faculty. “Students in this major genuinely want to help people.”

Smith said that students in comprehensive science and arts for teaching are very patient and very caring people who really want to help make a difference. Smith also said that often times this major focuses on working with people who have disabilities.

Business-related fields also offer a chance to help people. Marketing majors get the opportunity to bring ideas to life.

“The best thing about marketing is working with people taking their ideas and turning them into something tangible,” said Emily Roeser, a GVSU graduate.

For more information about GVSU majors, email or call (616) 331-3588 to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

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