When GVSU lacrosse player Jake Seiler and his family lost their home and their possesions to a fire, his teammates oragnized. So what’s stopping you?

| 12/5/12 7:28pm

As a university, Grand Valley State University is a community of students, faculty, employees and alumni. However cliche it might sound, a good community is like a family, and as everybody’s favorite Real Housewife of New Jersey Caroline Manzo once said, “let me tell you something about my family, we’re as thick as thieves.”

If we really are a Laker nation, like we’ve all heard so many times recited in speeches and plasted on our bumper stickers, then right now, in the midst of the chaos of exams, we have the opportunity to prove it.

This past week GVSU lacrosse player Jake Seiler and his family were victims of a house fire, which started when fire ashes reignited in a trash can outside the house, destroyed the family house and has forced the family to find temperary housing until insurance can kick in to help cover the cost of rebuilding the family home.

Although the Seiler’s have been able to stay at a fully-furnished cottage for the time being, there is a reality outside waiting for them. From clothing to vehicles to knick-nacks and photographs – nearly all of the Seiler family’s worldly posessions, so to speak – were lost to the fire. Although most of the memories can never be replaced, with a little bit of assistance and a lot of good will, GVSU community members have the power to help kick-start the healing process. There is still a lot of need, and a lot of ways the GVSU community can rally around them.

Today, the GVSU lacrosse team will be playing a benefit match against what head coach Tim Murray called a cross-town rival in Davenport University at 7 p.m. in the Kelly Family Sports Center. Seiler, who will not be able to play in the match because of a torn ACL, will be on the sidelines helping the team by passing out water and giving guidance whenever needed.

The game is being put on at little to no cost with even the referees giving their pay for the game back to the Seiler family so come out and show support.

Organizers are asking those in attendence to give a minimum donation of $5, but there will also be a silent auction to help raise more money for the family.

So this holiday season – even if stress has your hair turning grey and your jawline tense – remember that there’s a lot to be thankful for and equally as important, a reason to pay it forward.

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