This winter, try clinging to the shadows

By Nate Smith | 1/6/13 3:39pm

Hang in there guys, spring is around the corner. Soggy socks and living in darkness mark the beginning of this, the strangest of semesters. I feel as though I was made for winter semester.

As a nerd and recluse I find that winter was made for my type. I get to stay indoors all day and it’s considered normal. For this four to five month period people will look at my lifestyle and say “Curling up with a book? He’s got the right idea!” when really, it’s the exact same thing I did during the sprint, summer and fall.

In order help my fellow man I’m going to make a list of winter recluse essentials. This list can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle, but I recommend you stick as closely to the list as possible.

A wingman:

I feel like two people is the bare minimum for maximum indoor enjoyment. Staying inside for as long as winter requires can be tough. It takes a special kind of person to stick out the winter months with. Neighbors are ideal because of the varying weather conditions, so buddy up! Make cookies for anyone and they’ll at least hang out with you once.

Good winter food:

This is a no brainer. Good tea, snacks (puppy chow will make you a god amongst men if prepared correctly), hearty soups and other winter standbys make staying indoors a treat. I find that the more people have to eat the better the time. If you’re of age booze don’t hurt either.

A good collection of movies or series:

Nothing helps time go by faster than a good television show or series of movies. Television shows are very sensitive because it’s hard for people to jump in half way through, so make sure that the group starts and finishes as soon as possible for maximum effectiveness.

Comfy clothes:

Maximum comfort is key. I have an array of pajama’s and lounge-wear options, I suggest you do the same. Silk pajamas are weird. I don’t know why, but I feel like that should be noted.
Besides that anything you add is optional including good books if you’re alone or with other readers. Good luck guys, I’m sure this is hard for all of you. Hang in there.

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