“Take a (nerdy) chance!”

By Nate Smith | 2/13/13 7:06pm

Valentine’s Day (like most holidays) is a day that brings forth mixed emotions for everyone. Every year there’s the group that doesn’t feel the need to “yield to the man” and pony up for a gift for their partner. While that is generally frowned upon in the dating realm, this is America and it’s well within one’s right to be a poor sport and seen as a cheapskate by their partner. However, there’s one demographic that’s looked over every year: the nerds.

While I’m fortunate enough to have a date today (check your totem, you may be dreaming), there are many of my nerdy brothers and sisters that are going without as we speak. This is a tragedy. This is the one day a year when being a recluse hurts. It’s the day where being alone is actively shunned. It’s not their fault either, nerds are generally very loving people that get a bad rap from (somewhat) baseless stereotypes and shows like The Big Bang Theory.

In fact there are several reasons why you should be hitting up your local Lan center instead of a nightclub for you dream valentine.

1. Nerds are passionate

Seriously, if you want to see a perfect example of someone being genuinely excited about something, catch a nerd engaging in their hobby of choice. You can’t force them away from said activity! Now imagine that energy and attention being put toward you and your hobbies. It may seem like a stretch to come between a nerd and their video games but trust me, if there was ever a time it would be now. Today society is telling us that we get bonus points for being around other humans. You will have their undivided attention.

2. Lack of ego

For the most part, nerds are very humble people. We are constantly humbled by life itself so there isn’t much of an ego to speak of. Ever have a date that can only talk about him/herself? With a real nerd this is non existent. Conversations may have to be led a bit to prevent the eventual spiral into sci-fi fan fiction and RPG stats, but I assure you that “how good I look” conversations will be kept to a minimum if they happen at all.

3. Splurge factor

You may not be able to tell by their faded t-shirt and identical parental address, but nerds like to spend money. I’m not saying you should start gold digging someone who virtually mines gold for a living, but know that they probably won’t lame out when it comes to dropping cash on a cool present. Nerds are notorious for spending obscene amounts of cash on memorabilia, costumes and anything that has the words “special edition” somewhere on the packaging. One lesser known fact is that nerds give the best gifts. I’m not talking about your run of the mill candies and flower gifts either. I’m talking monument to whatever you’re interested in gift.

4. No judgement

One of the biggest stresses of a date, or any kind of pseudo-romantic encounter, is appearance. Girls spend hours looking in front of a mirror to achieve the perfect look. Guys constantly badger their friends that are girls for advice on the perfect look. Imagine going on a date where the other person isn’t thinking about any of that. Imagine going on a date with a person that’s solely interested in what you know instead of how you look. A date that looks at you like a person instead of a place filler or a piece of meat. Nerds are generally used to being looked down upon, and that’s IF they’re looked at in the first place. This automatically makes your date a judgement free zone.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there’s an untapped market when it comes to dating material. In the end people are people, and nobody wants to be alone, especially on a day like this.
If you do? I mean have a badass day saving money and treat ya self!

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