The pervasive faith of America

By Amina Mamaty | 5/5/13 10:59pm

You can ask any French person what Sundays are for, and they will tell you that it is strictly to sleep in. That thought not only would reinforce the stereotype that we are lazy, but that would also show how different our culture is compare to the United States. I have been here long enough to say that Americans are way more religious than we are. I have always thought that going to Church on Sunday was a myth in American movies. In France, I do not know a single person who goes to Church. I was so shocked to see that religion occupies a big part in the lives of ladies and gentlemen of my age. They talk about it on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Many of my friends attend Bible study classes and openly talk about God. I was told that the two subjects to avoid while talking to an American person were politics and religion, but if you are open with it people do not get offended.

For a French person, the action of praying before eating would be seen as an American thing before a religious value. Movies can make you believe anything.

In France, most of churches are very old and only for tourists to see and take pictures. Nobody really worries about somebody else’s belief. I grew up in a house with a dad who is Christian and a Muslim mother. “So what are you?” people often asked. I tell them “neither” and they automatically assume that I am atheist. I get a lot of “You should come to my church!” or “Come to Bible study.”

I must say that having a lot of Christian friends has taught me that there is more to the religion than going to church and singing gospel songs. I’ve had the chance to attend Christian Mimes performances and discover than Christian rap existed. It didn’t change me or my beliefs in any way but it made me gain some knowledge.

One thing I know for certain is that the only hell I refuse to go to is the hell of ignorance.
Muslims, Jewish, Buddhists or Christians, it will always be great and unique to see friends being passionate about something they really care about.

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