What can I do during my extra hour this weekend?

By Kevin Joffre | 10/30/13 4:19pm

Eat all your Halloween candy. Clean your room. Watch three 20-minute episodes of that show you started two months ago. Go visit a friend. Finish your French homework. Call your parents at 2am and say, “Mom, Pops, I feel like we never just talk.” Bake a batch of cookies for your 8am class. Catch up on emails. Drive 30 minutes to Grand Haven City Beach, go skinny dipping, then drive 30 minutes home. Roast a 2-pound chicken. Try on the clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in 3 years. Buy Christmas presents early. Write a short story. Figure out if your phone automatically adjusts to the new time. Learn how to say, “Hello, how are you?” in 15 languages. Invent a new drink concoction. Take your cat for a walk. Look through your list of Bookmarked websites. Watch 1/9 of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Look up your name on Baby Name Voyager. Practice escaping from a straight jacket. Put your DVDs in alphabetical order. Set up elaborate pranks for your roommates. Build a fort in your living room. Go on a walk in the Ravines. Go to Meijer. Whittle a stick. Do a crossword puzzle. Plan your spring break trip. Practice your Harry Potter impersonation in the bathroom mirror. Clean out your refrigerator. Listen to NPR. Watch every YouTube video posted by CinemaSins. Wash or dry your laundry. Match your socks. Recover from Halloween weekend. Practice parkour. Mess around on your instrument. Look through old Facebook pictures. Learn a new line dance. Read a favorite novel from your childhood. Buy a trashy romance novel for less than a dollar on Amazon. Take artsy-fartsy pictures of dramatic fruit. Take apart an Xbox. Hit the gym and do a strength circuit. Install a car radio. Paint a ceramic mug. Start a tab at a bar. Make a playlist on Spotify. Replace all the speakers in your car. Go rock-climbing. Lock yourself in your trunk and try to get out. Teach yourself to front-flip (or somersault). Pawn two TVs. Rearrange your room. Build a cabinet. Install new apps on your phone. Whiten your teeth. Draw an abstract self-portrait. Make armor out of cardboard boxes. Find scholarships from your hometown. Learn how; to use; semicolons. Make guacamole. Create a To-Do list. Taste every one of the spices in your cupboard. Find a Zoobooks issue about your favorite animal. Memorize the lyrics to a Macklemore song. Create an apocalypse-prep plan. Create a secret code. Write a letter to a sibling. Research the recipe for hardtack. Replace all the light bulbs in your house with green ones. Play on a playground. Play Catchphrase with your friends. Have a picnic in the middle of the night. Stretch. Reset your analog clocks. Update your planner. Sleep.

Disclaimer: This list is by no means comprehensive, nor will it appeal to everyone. Since the clocks fall back at 2 a.m., some of these activities will be a little more complicated than usual. And at least one of these will be a whole lot easier.

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