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GVSU students get free football playoff tickets

Unlike the first playoff game against Saginaw Valley State University, students at Grand Valley State University looking to attend the Laker football game on Saturday will be able to go for free.

“Our students never have really paid for tickets,” said Tim Nott, associate athletic director at GVSU. “The game against Saginaw was one of the first ones.”

Nott said there have been times when GVSU used to let the first 500 students into the game for free, then the rest would have to pay the ticket price. But most of the time, students didn’t have to pay for playoff admission.

There are no rules that say the Athletic Department can’t purchase the tickets for students, but there typically isn’t money set aside to do so. For that reason, the university as a whole is picking up the tab.

Nott said GVSU isn’t sure how much it will have to spend for the tickets, as it depends on the number of students who attend.

“We see how many students come to the game, then we pay the NCAA for those tickets,” Nott said, adding that the cost will ultimately be $3 per student.

Student attendance at playoff games varies with weather conditions and holidays, but Tim Selgo, athletic director at GVSU, said he was happy with the amount of student support over the years.

“Playoffs are governed by NCAA rules, which require that tickets be purchased,” Selgo said. “But playoffs are a special time, and President Haas has asked us to take some special actions to show appreciation to our student fans. At the last game, we provided hot chocolate and warming stations. For the game this Saturday, we are providing students with free tickets that have been purchased by the university on their behalf.”

GVSU’s football team will play West Texas A&M at 1 p.m. on Saturday at Lubbers Stadium.

For more information, call 616-331-3200, or visit www.gvsulakers.com/tickets/grva-tickets.html.


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Comments powered by Disqus