Dear Grand Valley State University Students,

| 2/26/14 8:32pm

Dear Grand Valley State University Students,

On behalf of the International Student Organization, we speak to you today about prejudice. As international students attending Grand Valley State University, it is with great pride to inform you that we have felt very welcomed into the academic, social, and professional community. As some of you may know, last week, there was an incident on campus involving prejudiced and hateful language. It deeply saddens us that this kind of cowardly and hateful behavior still exists in our society today, even worse, at our university. We hope that the Grand Valley student population will recognize that these kinds of actions are hurtful, immature, and unacceptable. As international students, we have experienced acceptance from our peers. We believe that the same respect and kindness must be extended to all of the Grand Valley’s students, no matter the race, ethnicity, religion, or country of origin. We invite you to share our goal and to continue to create an accepting and diverse environment.

Sincerely, International Students Organization Board Members

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