WARNING! Portals at GVSU!

This is a message from the Portal Authority. The following number can be used to report portals: (919) 578 – PORT.

| 3/25/14 2:46pm

Portals have been identified in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Most recently, several were spotted on the Grand Valley State University Allendale Campus by the pendulum—infamously nicknamed the wrecking ball. Portals have also been called in at the Arboretum on the Allendale Campus.

All portals should be avoided at all cost. There is danger that exists within these portals and a number of citizens have been missing since last interacting with the portals.

Portals have become a nuisance due to invisibility and citizens have been disappearing in them.
Portal sightings should be called in and reported so that proper action can be taken. The following number can be used to report portals, (919) 578 – PORT.

There is a vending machine in the Kirkhof student center at GVSU with a QR code that may be scanned for more information on portals.

Please visit http://portalauthority.info for an overview of our organization and more on the dangers of portals.

Remember, this is for your safety and the others around you. All portals should be called in immediately. The Portal Authority thanks you for your cooperation.

Portal Authority Representative
(919) 578-PORT

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