Call to rebel- a message from the Portal Patriots

| 4/3/14 2:16pm

Rebel against the Portal Authority!

You may have seen some suits in Kirkhof with sunglasses last week. Don’t trust these people!

The Portal Authority aka “Suits” are out to silence your information and lead you down the path of oblivion.

Portals are good. There is something inside that we must know the truth too. The Portal Authority is out to make sure that you never know.

What if the cure to cancer is inside? What if there is new technology? What if the contents could lead to World Peace?

The unknown is good and should be made known.

Join us in the quest for truth! Join us in liberating humanity from oppression. Your voice deserves to be heard.

What will you do without knowing? Imagine what could happen if we let our society be silenced.
Everyone is welcome to join and help us on our mission for freedom of use and information. Joining inquiries can be directed to with the subject line “RE: New Recruit.” You will receive an email within 24-48hrs of your inquiry.
Additionally, (818) 937-FREE can answer any questions you have about recruiting.
More insight on us can be found at:
Portal Patriots Representative

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