GVSU aims for world record of most twins on campus

By Carly Simpson | 4/6/14 7:15pm


Kaylee and Allison Tuin pose with President Haas during a celebration of twins in GVSU athletics, which took place this past Sunday inside the Fieldhouse. GVL/Kevin Sielaff

With 101 sets of twins currently enrolled, Grand Valley State University is hoping to set a world record.

On Sunday, the university invited its twin students to the Fieldhouse Arena for a “twin day” and to get a group photograph.

“I got the idea just by walking around campus and going to workout and watch basketball games,” said Kim Schmidt, associate director of alumni relations. “I noticed a lot of twins and wanted to know exactly how many are at Grand Valley.”

Mallorie and Morgan McCord are juniors at GVSU and were excited to participate in the event. The sisters were born one minute apart on June 2, 1993.

“Our favorite part of being twins is dressing alike and tricking people,” said Mallorie, the older of the two. “People always mix us up, so we respond to both names now.”

The identical twins share more than appearances, though, and can answer each other’s questions before they’re even asked.

“We’re together all the time and so we think the same things and do a lot of the same things,” Morgan said.

Kaylee Tuin and Allison Tuin, seniors at GVSU, agree that twins share a special connection.

“Sometimes we’ll say twin telepathy isn’t real, but then we’ll start saying the same thing about a completely random topic and we’re always finishing each other’s sentences,” Allison said.

Rachael Dykstra, research analyst for Institutional Analysis at GVSU, cross referenced students’ birth dates, addresses and parents’ names to come up with the sets of twins. GVSU will send the students’ information to the Guinness World Records headquarters to be verified. The process could take at least two months to be completed.


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