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Online map showcases GVSU's sustainability efforts

A new online map of Grand Valley State University’s Allendale Campus shows more than just building locations. Instead, it highlights the university’s sustainable efforts and features.

Scrolling over the buildings, viewers learn the Connection recycles their used kitchen oil to be made into bio-fuel. Across campus at the Recreation Center the SPARKLE bike, which was created by movement science students, can power an MP3 player or smartphone from the energy generated by pedaling. Currently, there are 33 stops on the map.

The map was created with help from staff members in the Sustainable Community Development Initiative, Institutional Marketing, Facilities Services and Facilities Planning. It will continue to be added to as the Allendale Campus grows. A map of the Pew Campus is also being put together.


GVL/ Marissa Dillon The Arboretum was created to help promote recycling. For every ton of paper GVSU recylced EPA gave GVSu a tree to plant.


GVL/Marissa Dillon A bird's eye view of what's down below the blue bridge


To look at more sustainable features on the Allendale Campus take the Green Tour at www.gvsu.edu/sustainability/green-tour-map-309.htm.


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