| 8/27/14 1:41pm

This year, for the first time, the ELS Language Center is going to be located on campus, and its move from 48th Avenue to the newly renovated Au Sable Hall should not go unnoticed.

When international students first arrive in the U.S. they may use the ELS for language and educational services. Once they have become proficient in English, many transfer to an American university, with some staying here at Grand Valley State University. The ELS located in Allendale is just one of 65 in the entire country. Currently 111 students are enrolled for classes there.

Having the ELS on campus benefits both international students and those already enrolled at GVSU by increasing the opportunities for these two groups to interact. International students bring new ideas, opinions, traditions, cultures and languages. GVSU students can help international students acclimate to a new country, school and lifestyle. Each group offers a different perspective and different life experiences, which shouldn't be ignored. Rather they should be shared, thought about and discussed.

The ELS Language Center's move to the Allendale Campus is an opportunity with lots of potential. Hopefully students will recognize it, and take advantage of it. There are 111 stories there to be heard and 111 friends to be made. We hope that the students of GVSU take advantage of this opportunity.

However, there are few opportunities for non-international student to interact with those international students. There can be so much to learn from students from different walks of life, but only if students are given and take advantage of opportunities to form those relationships. We at the Lanthorn encourage the university to increase the opportunities for non-international students to mingle with those coming from other places in the world.

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