Letter to the editor

By Emily Kosnik | 4/6/15 11:20am

In a recent issue of the Lanthorn, there was an article published titled "Anti-Abortion Demonstration Ignites Debate."

All in all, I liked the article. I thought it was well-written, provided interesting insights.

However, I am deeply and gravely offended by your decision to use the words "pro-abortion" several times in the publication.

The words "pro-life" as well as "anti-abortion" appeared more than once in the article, but nowhere did the phrase "pro-choice." Nor, incidentally, did "anti-choice" which is what those people really are.

Let me just break down the connotation of "pro-abortion" in case anyone is not on the same page: when someone is "pro-something" they are in favor of it. They like this thing, they wish to push it forward. For example, one may be "pro-equality." They probably are in support of equal rights, and want everyone to have the right to marry, or visit their loved ones in the hospital. They wish to push equality upon people.

I have never met one single "normal" human being (acknowledging that normal is a relative term) who believes in forcing people to have abortions. We of the pro-choice movement believe that every woman has the right to decide whether she is going to gestate and give birth to a child. "Always the option, never a mandate."

I am so incredibly disappointed in your decision to portray those who think women should have the right to chose what they do with their own bodies as "pro-abortion." I find it disgusting and degrading, and hope you see fit to publish an apology to the majority of the student body, who if we accurately represent the American populace, are pro-choice.

Emily Kosnik

International business and German double major

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