Senior exhibition showcases graphic design projects

By Moriah Gilbert | 4/6/15 12:02am

GVL / Courtesy - Breanna Mullen

The 2015 Grand Valley State University graphic design seniors are preparing to close their college careers with the student-assembled gallery show “Prime” on April 9.

The designers named their show “Prime” because of the prime number of designers featured and because of the multiple meanings behind the word, such as "of the best possible quality; excellent" and "a time of greatest strength or success in a person's life."

“Prime” will display work from 11 graduating design students, including a variety of mediums with methods that weren't necessarily taught in their classes.

Bree Mullen, senior graphic design student, is excited to see all the designers' completed projects.

"I think that everyone in our class has really pushed themselves and reached far beyond graphic design this semester," Mullen said. "It has become much more than a graphic design show."

Students included photography, history, motion graphics, woodwork and video in their projects.

"The art and design program at GV requires students to take art classes outside of our graphic design classes," Mullen said. "I think this gives us the ability to solve problems more creatively than we would have been able to without our well-rounded education."

Taryn Carlson, senior graphic design student, agreed that GVSU prepared her well for this final exhibit.

"The professors have worked with me from the beginning of my education, while always willing to offer their help and guidance," said Carlson. "I have ended up with a really nice exhibit at a professional level."

The students feel not just prepared for the show, but also their futures. The free show is open to everyone to come celebrate wrapping up this chapter of the students’ time at GVSU.

"Whether or not you have a background in art or design, it doesn't matter," said Carlson. "With the variety of exhibitions at ‘Prime,’ there will be something to interest everyone attending."

The audience will see that graphic design is much more than just "computer stuff" and it encompasses much of what people see during everyday life, Mullen said.

"I want our show to inspire people and make them interested in design," Mullen said.

Friends, family and peers of the students wont be the only ones to attend the show. Many West Michigan design professionals were invited to the show, in hopes of making connections that will help the designers advance further in their careers.

The show will include work from designers Kelly Arrand, Bree Mullen, Katie Ziolkowski, Ross Tanner, Anna Dorsey, Kat Nowicki, Leslie Harris, David Shankin, Jay Park, Taryn Carlson and Morgan Gould.

“Prime” will be held April 9 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at 200 Ionia Ave. SW Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is open and free to the public and will include light refreshments.

For more information about the show and the designers, visit

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