Michigan presidential primaries loom just around the corner

By Lanthorn Editorial Board | 3/2/16 11:13pm


Deciding who to vote for in the political race comes with a lot of questions: Who do I agree with? Do I identify with a certain political party? Who do I trust? In a national crisis, which candidate would do the right thing?

At the Lanthorn, we understand that making the choice about who to support in the presidential race is no easy decision. For your consideration, we have endorsed a candidate from both the Republican and Democratic parties. After much deliberation and debate, two candidates were chosen for Lanthorn endorsement. Those candidates are:


Ohio Gov. John Kasich


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders

While many college students #FeelTheBern and understand the draw of his campaign, the choice of Kasich may come as a surprise to many, seeing as Kasich is the lowest-polling candidate in the state for the Republican Party. In order for his campaign to survive, he must do well in the Midwest. Kasich is now on a six-day rally spree in Michigan in hopes of swaying more voters in this ever-important state for his presidential hopes. Though Kasich is not the most popular candidate in the Republican race for the White House, he is the most sensible. Among the bickering and name-calling among Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, Kasich continues to call for party unity and relatively moderate policies. This is vital for the GOP if the party hopes to have a strong showing in the general election come November.

However, Kasich's manners aren't the only reason the Lanthorn endorses Kasich. Out of the possible Republican nominees, his stances on issues like foreign policy, the environment and the American education system hold a great deal of sense in them. Unlike other members of the Republican Party, Kasich acknowledges that global warming is an issue that needs to be addressed. Additionally, his actions as the governor of Ohio (like defunding Planned Parenthood) have enough of a draw for more conservative Republicans.

On the Democratic side, Sanders is the underdog candidate that was polling abysmally a year ago and gained impressive ground on the presumed-nominee, Hillary Clinton. His appeal to the younger generation is obvious, with his push for universal health care and free higher education. Sanders rallied at a packed Breslin Center at Michigan State University on March 2 and will continue to rally in Michigan until the Democratic debate on Sunday in Flint.

Sanders, whose views sometimes seem unlikely to reach fruition, has a clear vision for what he wants the future of America to look like. For college students who cannot remember a time when America was not plagued by economic turmoil and war, his steadfast views and consistent track record hold a great deal of appeal.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or are undecided, think about the person you vote for as a serious commitment.

Most importantly, however, is that you vote. Young voters, particularly in primaries, consistently have the lowest voter turnout of any demographic. On March 8, show the nation that our voices matter, and that we want to be heard — no matter which candidate strikes your fancy. 

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