Parking pandemonium no more

Improvements are on the way, thanks to student voices

By Lanthorn Editorial Board | 3/30/16 11:10pm


In September, the Lanthorn Editorial Board wrote an editorial titled "Not enough parking spots," which detailed our grievances with the parking system at Grand Valley State University.

At the beginning of this school year, students had a virtually impossible time finding parking spots on campus. There was a lot of uproar from students about the lack of parking availability, and it seems as if those cries were falling on deaf ears.

Now, the parking advisory committee has announced plans to create more parking for GVSU students, faculty, staff and commuters. Through reallocation and construction, the parking department and facilities services have opened up 440 new spaces for student commuters, a creation that directly fills a long-held student need.

We want to commend the parking department and facilities services for listening to students. When you're paying record-high prices for college tuition as well as steep prices for parking permits, it's nice to know that the changes students are suggesting and requesting are being heard and applied. Though these additional spots may not alleviate all parking woes, they certainly won't hurt.

It may not seem like a high-priority change, but when some students have to spend 10 or 15 minutes driving around campus looking for a spot to park, any additional spaces are welcome. The move to create significant new availability will come as a relief to campus residents and commuters, especially for those who have found themselves walking into class late due to parking issues.

A portion of the new lots will come from where the Ravine Apartments used to be. It's refreshing that GVSU is taking old, worn-down apartments and turning them into a necessity that is needed on campus. This is particularly useful because as the student population plateaus in the next few years, new buildings will be less necessary, and things like parking spots will become the more pressing concern.

As the Laker population settles into a consistent number, the university should prepare for the potential changes that may be presented. After a bout of rapid growth, it's time for GVSU to get back to serving the students it already has.

It is inevitable that there will still be parking problems for Lakers to navigate, but these additional spaces are sure to alleviate at least some frustration when the new school year rolls around in the fall. It's nice to know the university is listening to the concerns of its student population, and is making strides to address the issues that truly matter to Lakers. 

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