Lanthorn presidential endorsement: not Trump

By Lanthorn Editorial Board | 11/2/16 11:32pm


Trump's process for delivering information is one based on evoking fear instead of presenting the facts. He knows how to manipulate an audience and he knows how to get people on his side even if the evidence isn't there to his claims. Time and time again, we hear Trump's claims that immigration is bringing in rapists, terrorists and criminals to our country when, in fact, according to studies from the New America Foundation and the Center for Immigration Studies, there is no evidence immigrants commit more crimes than native-born Americans. And yet, when Trump gets up in front of an audience and uses this "claim," it is followed by a round of applause.

So how can we, as an American people, support a candidate whose method of delivery would get the average college student expelled from school? How can we, as the Lanthorn editorial board, endorse a candidate who feels as though he can bully his opposition into submission? We are told throughout our educational career that we should treat others how we want to be treated and yet here we are, considering electing a candidate who has no respect for those around him and no intentions to compromise on any matters.

Recently, 370 prominent economists signed a letter warning voters of the negative consequences that could follow a Trump election. Economists from Princeton, Yale and other esteemed organizations said Trump's campaign is not presenting credible solutions and is promoting unrealistic trade and tax policies. These are individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to economic prediction, and they are warning us that something is not right.

Additionally, Trump's campaign is getting endorsements from organizations that have a long history of promoting acts of hate and violence toward people based on race, religious preferences and basic human rights. The official Klu Klux Klan newspaper recently endorsed Trump's campaign. Though Trump denounced this endorsement calling the endorsement "repulsive," this speaks to the theme of the Trump campaign. This organization based on hate and discrimination saw something they liked in Trump, and this cannot be ignored.

For many Grand Valley State University students, this will be the first presidential election they get to take part in. Unfortunately, both Trump and Hillary Clinton are some of the least liked candidates for president this nation has ever seen. Though neither major party candidate may not excite young voters like Barack Obama did in 2008, it is clear that Trump's faulty policies and moral fiber are not fit for the While House.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, the Lanthorn asks Lakers to reconsider their vote if they are thinking of casting a ballot for Trump. We recognize Clinton is also a flawed candidate, and there are legitimate concerns about her trustworthiness and policy stances. The Lanthorn editorial board understands this, and these reservations about the Democratic candidate are valid.

Instead, we simply ask the GVSU community to not support Trump. This is not the kind of person we want representing our country and not the kind of person we want representing the people of the U.S. to the global community.

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