New semester resolutions

By Kelly Smith | 1/8/17 10:00pm

After a relaxing three weeks away from the cares of school work and busy schedules, the time has come for it all to start up again. A new schedule, new classes, new professors perhaps, just new everything. I remember how the first day back after break was always hard to get used to. I'd always think, "maybe this is a one-day thing and break isn't really over yet." Or even, "maybe this is a dream," because I've had many dreams during a break about already being back in school. But just as all good things must come to an end in life, so our break is now over. But the good news is that the first week back doesn't have to be that way.

I always find that, by the end of the first week, when we make it to our first weekend of the semester, it's easier to digest what we're looking at for the rest of the semester. There are no more unknowns about our workload and responsibilities. That, I think, is at least partially why the first week can be as stressful as it sometimes is: we don't yet know what ups and downs the semester will bring.

But once we get past that first week, we have a clearer picture of what's ahead. Even if it doesn't look pretty or easy, at least we've started to grow accustomed to it and will hopefully be better prepared for it.

If you're a follower of New Year's resolutions, this is also the opportunity for a new semester resolution. I've always enjoyed being able to start off a new semester fresh. Regardless of how well or not-so-well I did last semester, there's no better time to take advantage of the new semester right from the beginning. It's always hard to try and catch up halfway through the semester, so take advantage of the fact that you start off in the same boat as your classmates.

Another thing I've found to be useful is the reminder that you're here because you want to be. This isn't like high school or anything prior. Your attendance is not required by law, you don't have to spend so little time with your preferred area of study and more time taking classes that you just want to get through. 

You're here by choice, studying what you want to by choice. We're all adults with the freedom to choose our schedules using our best discretion. Personally, I've found that this freedom helps take some of the stress off the semester, too. But then again, this is my personal preference. How you handle your semester is, of course, your choice. But just remember that there's always ways to beat that back-to-school blues. Be smart and patient and you'll push

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