Students participate in murder mystery improv show

By Jacob Creswell | 2/11/19 3:15am

Courtesy / gvsu book club facebook

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, Grand Valley State University’s Campus Activity Board hosted an interactive improv show titled “Hollywood Murder Mystery Party" featuring the comedy improv group Mission Improvable. The event was hosted at the Grand River Room in Kirkhof Center. 

The event's coordinator Mikayla Clements described the event as a “Hollywood Murder Mystery party of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s wedding. (Students) had to answer questions to find out who committed the murder of Justin Bieber.”

The event began with each student receiving a celebrity identity. Clements said that “the suspects can be anyone from Justin Bieber to Santa Claus.” From there, the rest of the event was an interactive improv show that followed the narrative of Justin Bieber’s murder and the clues that lead to the culprit, who was one of the attending students. The night ended with said student being “arrested,” and a group photo afterwards.

“My personal favorite aspects were how the students really participated and got involved
with answering the question in a hilarious way,” Clements said. “In my opinion, it went great with the number we had. We were expecting a bigger attendance.”

The Campus Activity Board was responsible for organizing and managing the event. Along with planning and coordinating events, they also run social media accounts to promote events occurring on GVSU’s campus. 

“We search for events through companies that we work with or through NACA (National Association for College Campuses). Then we create a contract to send to their agent and we wait for a signature to officially bring them to our campus. If we find an event through NACA, we get a signature on the spot to bring them,” Clements said. 

“GVSU Campus Activities Board decided to bring a Hollywood Murder Mystery Party because we saw the event take place at NACA and decided to change our improv event to something new,” Clements said. 

The Board is currently planning on hosting more improv shows in the fall 2019 semester. Clements encouraged attendance at future events, stating that, “If you were on the fence about coming, bring your friends. This event was free for our students. All our events are free for future events as well. We have free snacks provided as well.”

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