GrandPR celebrates 10th anniversary by giving back

By Elyse Greenwood | 2/18/19 12:00am

Courtesy: Sabrina Antcliff

GrandPR, Grand Valley State University’s student-run public relations firm, is celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving back to the community that has supported it from the beginning. 

In honor of 10 successful business years, GrandPR is performing 10 acts of service between January and March. These service acts will be done in preparation for the Timeless Ten event on Friday, March 29. During GrandPR’s Timeless Ten, students, faculty, professionals and alumni will gather together to launch the “Frank Fund” endowment. In addition to honoring the recently retired GVSU professor Frank Blossom, this endowment event will offer scholarships to students whose goal is to grow in their professional development capacity. 

Some of the acts of service that GrandPR will accomplish include assembling meals for Kids’ Food Basket, volunteering at the Humane Society’s event Paws, Claws, and Corks and writing blogs for Hello West Michigan Lady. GrandPR CEO Sabrina Antcliff especially enjoyed serving at the Valentine’s Day Dinner at Samaritas Senior Living Center. 

“The dinner shift allowed us to really be able to sit down with some residents when there was down-time and hear their incredible stories,” Antcliff said. “The residents were all very appreciative and interested in who we were and our stories. They have amazing advice and are not afraid to say anything. We had a blast and received a very heartwarming email after the event from the staff at Samaritas. I loved that experience while giving back.” 

A future event that the GrandPR staff is anxiously awaiting is CreateAthon. For the second year in a row, they will be hosting this marathon event to impact numerous nonprofit organizations in a short amount of time. 

“Within a 24-hour time period or less, GrandPR staff will create five full campaigns for multiple nonprofits and businesses in the area,” said project manager Vanessa Lansdale. “It's a day filled with collaboration, new ideas and giving back.” 

While the purpose of these acts of service is to honor those in the community who have continually supported the firm throughout its years, it is also a means of connecting with organizations in the community. These connections and partnerships are a fundamental part of GrandPR’s success. 

This service will undoubtedly impact the surrounding communities in positive ways, but Antcliff mentioned a specific effect that she hopes to witness. 

“One (way I hope we impact the community is by) bringing a little bit of hope and excitement back into the places we serve,” Antcliff said. “All 10 Acts of Service we're doing are in places that need and truly deserve them. I hope that GrandPR serving leaves these businesses with a little less stress, feeling invested in and hopeful for their futures. Sometimes all it takes is someone from the outside to help carry some of the load you’re bearing to have a lighter outlook even after they've left.”

Overall, GrandPR hopes to set an example for the larger community through this selfless celebration. Through these 10 acts, others will notice the benefits of making the terms “celebrating” and “serving” synonymous. 

“I hope that our example of giving in a way that has involved a great deal of our time, instead of our financial resources, to celebrate something that could easily be all about us inspires others to do the same,” Antcliff said. 

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