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Editor's Desk

Catch behind-the-scenes looks at the inner workings of the Lanthorn through the eyes of its Editor in Chief.


Find your state of balance. School, work, applications and relationships – where is the time for exercise, healthy eating and even a little bit of relaxation? Follow health major Lauren Wiltshire as she takes on this seemingly never-ending challenge to find her equilibrium. Look for new posts every Monday and Wednesdays online, only at

Graduate Student Voice

Layna Edington and Austin Dean from Grand Valley State University’s Graduate Student Associate talk about life on the other side of a bachelor’s degree.

Money Matters

President of Seidman IPO, Grand Valley State University’s Investment Club, offers tips, tricks, and advice to students about saving, spending, and keeping your head above financial waters in college.

Notes from Abroad

Students studying abroad through the Padnos International Center blog about their experiences for the Grand Valley Lanthorn.

Political Blog

GVSU Lanthorn Political Blog