Making the grade

By Edward Holman | 11/6/11 10:57pm

Having not been back to school in a few decades, I thought maybe things in college life would change.

Perhaps there would be fewer exams, fewer papers and so on. Well, this little dream has not come true and pretty much the only thing that has changed is me: a few more gray hairs, the battle of the bulge and so on.

I guess I should have known that college would always be demanding with a certain amount of homework (mostly a large amount). This is a good thing for me because it keeps the old brain cells working and not in a state of atrophy.

I have to admit that I slid through high school without doing much work and not really caring about my future. I was a poet and a dreamer and really did not care much for the system at large. I almost always had a job in high school, but looking back I wish I would have concentrated more on academics.

College is the one place that forces people to concentrate on their subjects and their future if they want to succeed and get a degree. It is definitely not like high school with its demands.

I am generally not an “A” student and when I get an “A,” I cherish it for way it boosts my GPA. But, for the most part, I find that I got an “A” because the material was either easier or I had a bit of foreknowledge and like it more.

The truth is I have been more challenged and learned more in a class that I have received a “C” in, so maybe mediocrity is truly the mother of invention.

One thing is for sure this time around for me. I am putting more effort in and completing more consecutive college semesters than I did when I was younger. I am trying a little harder this time to get the degree under my belt.

And I have the finish line in mind.

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