Separated by technology

By Ed Holman | 2/1/12 10:24pm

The more I experience the technology that we encounter today, the more I believe that instead of being some kind of dream come true for relationships it is really a nightmare.

I met a woman in one of my classes who is several years younger than me and we talked for a while about the fact that when we were in high school there were no Internet, laptops or cell phones. Yes, we had lights in the caves then and there were
even matches. All kidding aside though, you had to go home and get a phone call or actually talk to someone at school instead of using your thumbs to have a conversation with someone a hundred yards away.

Perhaps back in the day walking and talking was done with two humans instead of two thumbs or two cell phones. I mentioned in one of my blogs how if everyone had their nose in a book or their fingers on an iPod that the bus was silent. And I am just as human as anyone but soon I am just going to strike up conversations with complete strangers. So you have to read Homer. Look at the people around you. You’re never going to see these unique characters again. Homer will still be in the library and some professor will still be telling someone how great it is.

Meanwhile, the girl on the bus that you like writes love poems to no one and the other guys and girls might give you the cold shoulder.

I talked to someone who had 51 dates on an Internet dating site and I kept thinking to myself, why don’t you lower the bar, jump over it and get to know someone? You’re not Cinderella and perhaps some prince is not going to rescue you at 11:59 p.m.

One thing is for sure in this world. It’s midnight, people. Let’s all not wait until 10 minutes past to pat someone on the back or walk with a stranger down the street. Get off the cell phones and the Internet and stop letting this technological
nightmare separate you from your fellows.

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