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By Emanuel Johnson | 10/6/11 9:52pm

You know, working for the Lanthorn, we always get excited when we have the opportunity to report breaking news. I mean, we’re in little ole Allendale, Mich., where NOTHING ever happens, and when something does, we get excited about the rare opportunity report to the public about some fresh and new occurrence that they may not be aware of.

Yet, there was nothing like that on Tuesday night when I heard of Shane Peoples-Welch’s death. I didn’t see an opportunity to get some great breaking news story out there or to increase our readership or anything like that. All I saw was tragedy; a life suddenly lost, affecting everyone in the GVSU community.

…and I pray to God that we never have to report on anything like this again. I don’t want any breaking news if it means that a young man so full of life and promise has to lose that life in the process. R.I.P. Shane Peoples-Welch.

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