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Free Speech

There have been many times since my return to this wonderful institution we call school that I have been floored by the intelligence of my peers.


A response to our readers

At the Lanthorn, it is not within our rights or our policy to censor or change responses to the Question of the Issue, but rather it is our goal to use it as a vehicle for students to safely voice their own opinions even if, as stated in our opinion policy, they do not reflect those of the paper as an entity.


Misogyny in comedy (or why rape jokes are never, ever funny)

The rape jokes told by the comics at Last Laker Standing weren’t the first of their kind, nor will they be the last, but every time somebody jokes about buying a “rape kit” when they buy condoms or watching kids through binoculars at parks and calling “dibs,” it belittles the experiences of people who have been raped, molested or assaulted.


Breaking news...

You know, working for the Lanthorn, we always get excited when we have the opportunity to report breaking news … but not this time.


My most gratifying work

I’ve had to write a lot of stories during my tenure here at the Lanthorn (some really good and some not so good), but the piece I recently did on Norman Shuford and his Carries for the Cures fundraiser was by far my most gratifying experience as a reporter, and how we found out about it felt like divine intervention.