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Find your state of balance. School, work, applications and relationships – where is the time for exercise, healthy eating and even a little bit of relaxation? Follow health major Lauren Wiltshire as she takes on this seemingly never-ending challenge to find her equilibrium. Look for new posts every Monday and Wednesdays online, only at www.lanthorn.com/blog.

Riding the Rapid  

For those of you that have ridden the Rapid Bus connecting GVSU’s two campuses, you will understand the following 386 words.

For those of you who have yet to, let this serve as a warning: Ride at your own risk.

I guess I can only begin by saying that I’ve affectionately nicknamed it “The Physical Manifestation Of The Struggle Bus.”

It is the literal struggle bus. If you’re lucky enough to ride it not in between the hours of noon and 6PM, or 7PM and midnight on weekends, you just might find a seat. If not, good luck my friend-you’re in for anywhere from three minutes to a half hour clutching a pole brightly labeled “Pise Con Cuidado!”

I wouldn’t worry too much about this though. If you’re put in that situation you can probably skip your workout for the day even if you did have a Frappuccino and fries for breakfast, considering the resulting core and arm workout from trying to keep yourself upright is practically Crossfit-worthy.

I get it, it’s probably pretty difficult to drive a huge, hulking bus. But sometimes the braking is worse than mine, and I give my boyfriend a panic attack while I’m driving at least once a week, and that’s giving myself a liberal amount of the benefit of the doubt. (Ask him-he’ll confirm this.)

I do have to give the drivers credit though. Most are nice people who genuinely love their job and enjoy their work. I had a driver sing the entire ride once.

There are a few though, who seem discontent, cranky, tired, and desperately in need of a drink. You get on the bus and all of a sudden you’re face-to-face with Grumpy Cat. Slightly uncomfortable, no?

What’s even more uncomfortable is having to wedge yourself between the longboarder who’s approximately two feet taller than you and a girl with her nose shoved in a Liberal Studies book, while trying not to smack someone in the face with your backpack.

The bus is packed fuller than Starbucks on the first day of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s horrible.

Better yet, when the weekends hit and parties roll around, the amount of people who reek of alcohol and Fourthmeal go up exponentially. Not to mention other, not-so-legal substances. (You’re not fooling anybody.)

The bus may get you where you need to go, but is it enjoyable? Nope. Comfortable? Ha. An adventure? One could say. So this is my word of advice to you, Lakers: go ahead, ride the Rapid. Sometimes it’s a college student’s only choice. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Fads aren't always so rad  

So, you want to get into shape, get healthy again, feel confident— and are looking for the best route to take. You’re considering different options—increasing exercises, drinking more water, cutting out carbs, fad diets, HCG shots. But in all reality, what is the best route? What is the healthiest? What will keep you confident for the longest? Where will each option take you? Will it deprive you of nutrients? Will it give you a burst of energy? I thought since beach and swimsuit season is quickly approaching we could go through a run down of what routines have historically been successfully. Note, that in order to be healthy, and set a new health related goal, you should always speak with a health care professional. They are educated and will give you the right advice for your own body.

Studies have shown that Weight Watchers has been the longest term in keeping the weight off. Scientists and physicians suggest that it is not the diet, or the regimen they suggest that make this successful, rather the idea that eating healthy—and being healthy—is a lifestyle change. This is key to being successful in any goals we set for ourselves. It is not a now only kind of thing. Weight Watchers may also be successful because it does not eliminate anything from your diet. You are allowed to eat whatever you want, within your own point range. You are encouraged to reach that point range every day; otherwise the weight may not come off as quickly. This is another key success point—by not depriving yourself, you allow yourself to fulfill your cravings with limits. You teach yourself what is okay and what is too much, again reinforcing the lifestyle change.

Another common healthy-weight loss technique is fad diets. You may know ones like the Atkins Diet, The HCG diet, No-Carb Diet, The Ducan Diet etc. These diets work great while on them. However, it is very challenging to keep weight off as you end your diet. The reason it is such a challenge, is because it is very hard to live, for the rest of your life without any carbs. It is very challenging to only eat meat and dairy for the rest of your life. These diets are realistic when trying to accomplish a quick goal, but for long-term success they are generally not as successful as full life style changes.

As always, increasing activity is a great way to find a healthy balance. The point of being healthy is not what the scale reads. Rather, being healthy is feeling good, having a strong immunity, having energy and getting enough rest. Increasing our daily activity has been proven to help in all areas—confidence, rest, wellness, immunity, and happiness even. If you don’t have a lot of time, take a short walk, do a 30-minute session of cardio—make small changes to turn into big changes.

Obviously, certain methods work better for some. Like I have always enforced, life is all about a healthy balance. Eat the apples and eat the cookie. Find what works for you, and stick with it, make it your lifestyle.

“Worry about your character, not your reputation. Because your character is who you are and your reputation is what people think you are.” – Anonymous



This is the time of our lives  

I don’t think you ever quite forget those words. The phone call telling you your dad is having a massive heart attack. And then you realize you are three hours away and helpless. But then you, somehow, by the grace of God, find a way home. Rush to him as he is being pushed on a stretcher for a quadruple bypass, and say “good-bye” just in case. You beg the doctor to promise you he will be okay, and he will be a survivor, and all they offer is “I will do my best.” What is that supposed to mean? Your best ever? Your best of the night? Your best you can, even though you are exhausted because this is the third or fourth surgery of the night? But then, after long hours, nine hours to be exact, your dad survives.

This is my story. This happened to my family two years ago, and my dad is now in great condition. I share this with you for a few reasons, which I want to dig into. Understand that this is personal, and very emotional for me still.

Luckily, the surgeon did do his best. And my dad is recovered. At the moment, or perhaps those several hours, and for a long time after, I really felt alone. I really felt I was one of the only 19 year olds who was having her dad ripped away from her. Her best friend, her support, her strength. And sometimes, I still feel that way. I still feel that my dad isn’t the same— that his recovery is still ongoing, and will never end (which, has a lot of pros, and cons, too). But as the summer went on, and the fall and spring passed I realized something. I am not alone. I looked around for just a minute, stopped being absorbed in wanting my dad back, which is okay to feel that way, and realized all of my friends at one point or another were experiencing the reality that their parents were not and are not invincible. You see, we grow up with the idea that our parents will live eternally. We are told that our parents will one day pass, and we have occasional friends who suffer through this much earlier in life, but it isn’t until you see them, your own mom and dad, for a moment in their life, weak and completely relying on you to help them survive do we realize this. And while 19 or 20 or 21 feels so young to experience this reality and often heartache, this is the age of our parents taking steps to be proactive, going to the exams to check for things, because it is that point in their life. It is not our turn to worry; it is our turn to be strong for our parents. To hold them up when they are scared. To stand by them through the long recovery, the potential depression or post traumatic stress. To hold their hands. While the fact that it is the time in their life to be proactive, does not make the facts of disease easier to swallow, it does, at least it did for me, help us to understand. It also reminds us that medicine is advancing every day and our parents are in excellent hands, to then again become invincible to us. To hold our hands and to be our support team.

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ole days, before you leave the good ole days.”—The Office



Beat exhaustion with balance of perspective  

I never used to understand the definition of “tired.” Last week, I learned it and will never forget it. I worked 84 hours. On top of staying awake at Children’s Miracle Network, I worked my a** off serving tables at an Italian Steakhouse in my hometown. At CMN, I design brochures, make phone calls, create post cards and am currently taking on the biggest project of the August Beaumont Children’s Miracle Classic Golf Outing. At the restaurant, I serve tables, clean up after others, and smile for around a 9 hour shift. I come home, shower, go to bed, repeat. I skip dinner, because I have no time and am not a fan of multi-tasking while driving. I know this sounds like I hate my life, and for a minute—or a few days last week I did, mostly because I was exhausted and missing my Grand Rapids life—where my boyfriend is, where my best friend is, where I have no curfew etc. But, today, now that I think about it I had very minimal grounds to have any hatred toward my life. Here’s why:
1. I have not only one, but three jobs. Some people can’t find one. This means I have three incomes, two of which are consistent.
2. I am responsible enough to take on challenges now and be rewarded later.
3. While I am incredibly missing my boyfriend, the demands of work help the time go much faster and smoother when he is in GR.
4. Serving tables requires me to be on my feet, carrying heavy trays, walking quickly—(being active!) for about 9 hours a day. So, while I may not be getting my normal routine of 45-minute work-outs I am getting in shape—and realizing what I need to work on.
5. I get to play with babies at CMN—babies that might not have tomorrow. Who am I to be upset that not only I’m alive, but I can move, speak, hear, see and drive a car!? That seems awfully selfish.
I know a recap may be slightly boring for you to read but my intention is to pull you all back in for a minute. Yes, it is summer and yes, it sucks right now to be working all day and not getting sun. But really, in the big perspective of the world—we are so lucky. And I feel selfish that I felt so upset I had to go to my work. Next time we start feeling angry or frustrated in any situation, step back for minute— things can always be worse—instead of thinking what we want and have yet to get, think of what we have and why we started the task in the first place—I guarantee it will put your mind at ease—even it is for a minute.
Keep in mind, that sometimes things are too much. Use your resources, ask for help, and evaluate your time. Perhaps, your life is too busy and you’re not savoring the small things—take time to find your balance, to find what is important to you—because really those are the things that will count years from now.

Whatever your past has been, you have a spotless future.—anonymous



Make up or break up  

So, there you are standing inside your favorite drug store (because that’s the make up most college students can afford) and you’re browsing between what you know and love, and what is on sale. You stand there for several minutes trying to justify spending $3 more because you love the brand you’ve always used—you know it wears well and doesn’t make clumps, the mascara makes your lashes go on forever and the bright red lipstick—that seems to be forever trending—makes your lips luscious. But, really here’s the deal. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. So, how do you go from buying what you have come to know as quality, to bargain hunting for what is going on your face? I have a few tips to finding the perfect balance.

First, understand that make-up is not necessary! There are really awesome pros to not wearing make-up. For example, you don’t clog your pores, you don’t have clumped mascara on, your eyes won’t itch, if you cry there is no make up to run, you save money (!), and perhaps most importantly, you embrace and promote your natural beauty. But, I know sometimes make-up does the trick, so I’ll keep moving to my tips.

First, find coupons. Go online to the brands website, coupons are often posted there. You can also request samples! Also, watch for when it is on sale. It may pinch your pockets when you first buy it, but you’ll appreciate it when it’s time to switch out that mascara (which should be every three months!). Also, most stores will honor competitors coupons—take advantage of that so you only have to make one stop shopping trips—over time it will save you gas money. Sign up for stores rewards cards. Sephora—which has higher line make-up, has a great program that gives you free make-up via their point system. Ulta, which is my personal favorite, has a point system that sends you coupons like “$3 off your purchase of $10”. Ulta also honors newspaper coupons! They sell upper scale and drug store make-up, hair products, body products, and nail care as well as a variety of other things for personal care.

Also, take note to which skin care line that has the same qualities as your make up. For example, if you are searching for something that won’t clog pores, you can choose something like Neutrogena, Almay or Physicians Choice—they all rotate sales and work very similarly. If you want a true-match to your skin tone, try Revlon, or L’Oreal. I think you get what I’m saying. Don’t be afraid to not like something when you’ve tried it. Most companies offer a “money-back guarantee” if you keep your receipt.

Also, try going to make-up counters at stores like Macy’s—they are great because you tell them your needs and it is their sole job to find you a perfect match!

Like I said in the beginning, embrace your natural beauty. Take advantage of our young, wrinkle-less skin and enhance our own self—finding balance from the inside. It may take time to adjust and embrace, but it is so worth it.
“Happiness is only real when shared.” –Anonymous _



And runnin', runnin'  

Treadmills are really great for our Michigan winters and staying shape. Now, that is has finally spring into spring full gear I want to share some thoughts on why running outside is way more beneficial than being stuck inside the gym on a treadmill.
First, treadmills are a known instigator of shin splints. When running outside, the pavement is uneven and the path is not all the same—requiring a different step or tread from you. While the treadmill can give some relief to knees—only if the belt is properly cared for it offers no change of patters. If the belt is not properly taken care of, the joint pressure may be increased and cause some serious damage—and lack of toning because your muscles already have no change in movement. Secondly, most treadmills offer no option of wind. Wind outside pushes us forward and resists against us. Because there is some form of wind, when running outside we can optimally burn more calories. Treadmills can also get super boring. If you don’t snag the prime spot in Grand Valley’s gym to people watch, you’re stuck staring a wall. Running outside offers variety. You can change up your trails and see different things—all while keeping your music like you would at the gym. The challenge of running outside also comes from the change in terrain and weather. While treadmills can sometimes incline, a natural incline, uphill-downhill pattern is much better. Also, weather such as snow or rain increases the level of difficulty of running—again burning the optimal amount of calories. Running outdoors can happen anywhere. It is so functional. By running outside, not only do you take time off of working out, but also you save money by not driving to the gym! You also have no monthly membership fees. You can run on vacation and at home, or even on a lunch break during work. If training for a race, treadmills can put you at a large disadvantage. When training, you want your runs to mimic the race as much as possible. Its almost like having the home court advantage. Running on a treadmill can leave out resistance of wind, and other things I mentioned earlier. Treadmills also can make you use an unnatural stride. Unconsciously, our strides change with the movement of the belt. To get the best wellness, we want our body to work with itself, in a natural feeling. On treadmills, we can also tend to lean too forward, not engaging our core muscles.

Now, I am not saying that running on a treadmill. I am, however, promoting that running outside can be more beneficial to overall wellness. Any exercise is good exercise!

_“Life can be unfair sometimes; but that’s no reason to give up on it.” Anonymous _



Cross fit to the test-- it crosses the finish line  

There are a few things to touch up on this week! First off, can you believe this gorgeous and sunny weather! How amazing! Don’t forget sun protection! Secondly, I want to share some experience with a new trending workout, crossfit—it is also, amazing. And Lastly, I want to touch on another factor of balance we may forget to incorporate into our busy schedules. Read on!

Have you ever watched a YouTube video of a crossfit workout? Or seen someone who has done crossfit? Or even looked up what crossfit is? Well, let me tell you, it is insanely intense. The intention of the workout is to do short spurts, of very intense exercise. It doesn’t require machines; it pushes you to use your own body weight—to jump over boxes, to pull yourself up a rope, to push a big tire. You do these intense circuits in a tight time frame and get amazing results. I have been doing it at home because I am back at home and don’t always have time to drive to the gym. My dad has all sorts of these equipment pieces in our garage—an extra tire heavy boxes, etc. I don’t need machines to do push-ups or squats. I like it for a few reasons— one being that it is a very short time period— I can go for a long run or walk in the morning and end my day with a 20-minute session of crossfit. The exercises the system incorporates cardio and strength training—both so important to health. They also use several muscle groups in each exercise—optimal for burning the most calories. I also like it because they force you to do high-intensity workouts in a specific time frame—this allows you to set goals to beat your time each workout and it doesn’t become stagnant. I’m already feeling and seeing results from my first few sessions and I love it!

That ends the topic of working out for today. The next thing I want to talk with you guys about is volunteering. I think it is essential to finding balance in your life to give back to the community. By giving back to the community, with even your time, you are helping so many others who are less fortunate. Eventually, those people you helped will help others in their situation. Volunteering also gives you a broad perspective on a lot of important keys to being successful. For example, it really reinforces not to sweat the small things in life. Don’t get so frustrated when you can’t afford to go out to dinner three nights a week—some people eat only from food banks because their income goes strictly to gas and rent. It also gives you the ability to be patient with all sorts of people. This perspective and understanding of all people brings some indispensable skills to a workplace—diversity for one, and communication on different levels as well. Those skills are necessary in any degree or career.

_“You’re only given one little spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it.” —Robin Williams


Apps that keep you on your summer track  

So, after moving back home and getting into the summer grind—(no such thing as a full on break for this college student) I have found some smart phone apps that have kept my eating and exercise right on track. I think they are very worthy to share! I have added some other apps that are equivalent options—most of them are free, too, so right on college students budget!

1. MapMyRun GPS Running—this free app tracks and logs your distance and pace. The app will also offer different routes according to the distance you want to run. Another awesome app, very similar, is Run Keeper. RunKeeper also offers heart rate tracking.
2. Nike Running—This app is free and awesome. It uses your GPS to track your miles. Some reviewers say that the miles are not always accurate, but the updates have improved this issue. It can also be used with Nike shoe device—which can offer more accuracy.
3. My Fitness Pal has been featured in several fitness magazines and blogs as being a great tool for calorie counting and diet tracking. It has over 2,000,000 types of foods and still allows you to manually enter your calories! It saves your entries, so you can always go back and look at your progress. Graphs are also offered to summarize your weight goals and daily nutritional goals. This app is also super free!
4. MyNet Diary—is also another free app that offers calorie counting. This app allows you to scan barcodes in grocery stores to see what you are really eating.
5. Fooducate was featured in Time magazine as one of the top 5 must have apps. This app also lets you scan bar codes in grocery stores—while it shows nutrition facts it shows a grade ranging from an A to a D. This is free and one
6. Calorie Tracker by Livestrong— This one is my absolute favorite! Calorie Tracker is so easy to use. It allows you to search foods and exercises. It keeps track fo water intake also. The home page is nice because the meals are separated into circles—like shown here: “”:http://www.livestrong.com/myplate/ This helps so you know where the most of your calories are going.
7. To track your heart rate there are two super options. One is Cardiograph that calculates your heart rate by scanning the arterial changes in your fingertips. This app is free. The second app, which is also free –Instant Heart Rate, has the same method, just put your finger on the iPhones camera. Your heart rate is important to keep track of, you don’t want too much stress on your heart because of lack of exercise.
8. Another super cool app is Glucose Buddy. This is also free. It is recommended for diabetic patients. You log your food, carbohydrate consumption, and glucose and insulin levels. This can also correspond with CalorieTrack!
9. Pill Identifier is a $0.99 app that can identify pills without labels. This is a good app to have if you or your roommates have several medications.
10. For a variety of exercises try Nike Training Club. Another free one! The app offers detailed instruction on how to do each drill. They offer 130 varieties to build strength and stamina.
11. FitnessClass is also free and offers videos of workout sessions from all over. It allows you to calculate calories you have burned and tracks progress.
I know some of us have not advanced to the smart phone world—which is totally fine because a lot of these apps can also be found online. No one has an excuse now! The amazing thing is, the energy you put into being healthy, your body will give you back. Starting is always the hardest part.

Have a fabulous Monday!

_“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”—Andrew Carnegie _



Dove hits home with beauty  

Whooo!!! Most of us are on summer vacation finally and it feels so good! On that note, I want to write about the awesome Dove Campaign circling our Facebook and essentially every social media vehicle.

Dove launched their current campaign, Real Beauty in 2004. The campaign focuses on inspiring women to have the confidence to be comfortable with themselves. In fact, one of their main focuses is to make the world a place where beauty is a source of confidence not anxiety—they are trying to widen the definition of beauty—encompassing women of all shapes, sizes, ages. Most people would agree that Dove has had a successful and positive result from the campaign, that their commercials, interviews, ads make women rethink self-esteem and focus more on why they, themselves define their own beauty. Last week, Dove posted a video that went viral on YouTube. The video featured everyday women and a professional sketch artist, one who actually works for a police department. The women first described them selves to the artist—what their face looked like, their own features. As they were describing, he was sketching. After, the women then got to meet with one other woman and describe her features to the artist. Not only can you see the difference in the results of the drawings but also you can hear it in the women. Instead of using terms like “protruding jaw,” like they did when they described their own faces, they were saying kind things about each other. They instead said things that they liked about the women, like “she has a nice nose,” or “she has a big smile,” or even “ her eyes were big and welcoming.”
Within those words as fellow women we see a lot of things. First, and perhaps most importantly—we see how critical we are of ourselves—most often much harsher than those around us. We also see again, what Dove is trying so hard to present to us, that our looks do not define out beauty. We also see that other women can be so kind, even without knowing us.
Critics of the video say, that the women featured are still very attractive women and model like. Because of the women looking like that, it is sending unrealistic images out for women to still try and achieve. But this is where I think they are so wrong. I think because most of the women in the video are what the average American finds attractive it proves that all women are vulnerable to feeling insecure. This shows us that all women see their flaws the most. It proves that beauty is not protection from ourselves. Beauty is not confidence. Those things come from within us. This shows that even if we reach the level of beauty that we seem to always want, happiness is not guaranteed.
I think it is well worth anyone’s time to view the video. Here is the link:”“:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpaOjMXyJGk Spread it to the women you love and care about and remind them why they are beautiful—be it because they are kind or generous or funny.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding, that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”— Elizabeth Ros



Twisting your way to reach your goal  

So, I had my follow up visit for the U-Fit program and I was super happy and shocked. I was happy because I really stuck with the regimen Chad, my trainer suggested. I hated doing push-ups and the rowing machine, but I do notice a difference and am overall happy that I reluctantly did them. I am also happy because as I am moving back home for the summer, I need a workout plan that is flexible enough without a gym, and Chad was able to offer suggestions of workouts that will be effective without machines. I was shocked to learn that I was one of the only participants to follow through with the UFit plan. Originally, it was challenging to devote more time to my exercise plan, but as I was seeing and feeling new results, I wanted to go to the gym and wanted to keep it up. When I ask my friends that are religious runners or gym-goers, they say the same thing. Perhaps the other participants weren’t seeing immediate results or lost patience or the time devotion, but I have learned over the years—eventually you are going to have no choice. You will have to go to the gym; you will have to be healthy. Eventually your body will shutdown. So, even though it may be challenging now as a student, try to make healthy choices each day—it’s the simple steps that add to lifestyle changes. Fuel your body now.

With that, like I said perhaps the reason people stop going to the gym is because a lack of results. Evidence has suggested that it can take nearly 4 weeks for you to really notice your body changes, and 8 weeks for your friends. While this is true, all this is really saying is give it time. Time is essential. It took time for your body to look the way it is, it will take time to ne healthy. I also understand the struggle of not seeing changes, and not understanding why pounds are falling off. While it is so important to not focus on the number on the scale and how you feel instead, there may be some underlying reasons you’re struggling. You’re exercising but eating whatever you want.
While exercising is key to being healthy, eating healthy is important for the balance, too. If you are craving unhealthy foods, like cookies and pizza try one of two things: eat popcorn—light butter as a snack. For some reason, popcorn will cure a sweet tooth; or try making your own pizza from scratch! Much healthier ingredients and much more flavor!
You may not be eating enough.
Key to losing weight is actually eating enough. You need to eat food to fuel your metabolism. If you aren’t eating enough, your metabolism is essentially holding on to every last bit of calorie you have and moves much slower, so you will stay full for longer periods of time. This can eventually lead to starvation mode, which is no fun for your body or your weight-loss goal. You can find helpful smartphone apps, or even Google search “BMI calorie counter” that will ask questions like what your weight and height are as well as how many pounds you want to lose a week. It will then give you a target caloric goal for each day. Once you reach your goal, you reevaluate how many calories you should be eating to maintain your new, healthy weight!
Your focus is too much on low-fat, non-fat or cutting fat out completely.
Don’t be mistaken and think all fats are bad! This is SO wrong. Trans fats are bad. Saturated fats are bad. But Omega-3s and other fatty acids are great. They can help reduce cholesterol and keep women’s bodies functioning. Take for example peanut butter. It is high in fat, even reduced fat form in Jif has 12g of fat for two tablespoons. However, in moderation, like following the nutrition label serving size peanut butter is great. It has the power to reduce your LDL cholesterol levels (the bad) and is recommended from physicians as an alternative method (compared with medications which can have potentially nasty side effects) to reduce patients’ cholesterol.
The diet is stressing you out—or anything is stressing you out!
We have all seen diet pill commercials talking about stress increasing body fat. While I don’t recommend diet pills or supplements to help lose weight, the commercials are right. Not getting enough sleep and stress increase hormones that can make fat stay, and hold on in your body. Not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep a night, and others handle stress differently— try finding a balance to reduce stress and sleep enough. Try things like yoga, running when stressed or even a 30-minute nap during the day! If naps are kept to 30 minutes they can increase productivity and creativity!
You think foods are healthy, and they’re not.
Think of salads. When made correctly, they can be infused with vitamins and nutrients but when you add “creamy” dressings, high-saturated fat cheese, and crouton you defeat the purpose of a salad and it soon turns into a high-calorie meal. Try to focus on fresh greens, low in calorie dressings, and fresh fruit for salads.
Skipping liquids as calories.
It is a pain to think that juices and sodas have to count because they don’t really fills us up. But a few servings of 100 calorie glasses of juice or 150 calories soda cans add up quick.

Something is medically causing you to not lose weight.
So, you are at the point where you are doing everything right and nothing is changing. It is time to call on a medical professional. Our bodies can do great things for us, they can heal us and make us go, but sometimes they need help. Things such as gluten intolerance—where you cannot digest gluten, or thyroid problems—where your hormones are not being produced properly can really throw off your balance and cause weight issues. Another common problem for women is having cysts on their ovaries. These cysts can be fluid-filled and cause your body to retain a lot of water. It is always okay to check in with a medical professional a lot of issues can be solved by diet change or sometimes a medication!

Take time to be your best you. The time is well worth it. Good luck on finals, sweet summer is so close! _

_“Your journey has molded you for your greater good. And it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think that you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.” –Asha Tyson