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| 1/24/13 12:36am

Welcome to Wednesday! We are halfway through the class week. I accomplished three major tasks for this blog. A) I tried Zumba for the first time. B) I made these incredible homemade baked potato chips & a skinny- broccoli chicken Alfredo C) I made a healthy alternative snack list, because if there one thing I love, its sweets!

Let’s start with Zumba! It was an incredible workout. I chose to purchase the rec center workout class pass this semester because I really missed the structure of practice from my organized sports. The choreography kept me engaged and the structure left me wanting to come back. I appreciated the accomplished feeling at the end when we wrapped up with the moves we learned in the hour. I would definitely recommend trying the class out on campus. A few places in Jenison offer weekly classes for $5 a session!

Moving onto potato chips! I can confidently assume most of us have a Pinterest account. I use Pinterest as my go-to for quick work-outs and wholesome recipes. This week, I easily sliced an Idaho potato, not entirely through, drizzled olive oil, low-calorie butter, some sea salt & pepper, and then popped it into the oven at 425 for 40 minutes. I made two potatoes so I could have snacks on hand for the week. Overall, including the low-calorie spray butter I ate about 100 calories per potato and spent $2 total (I had the butter, sea salt and pepper at my house). You could also switch your traditional Idaho potato for a sweet potato to pack in a few more nutrients—this does give you a few extra calories.

I also made a skinny-broccoli chicken Alfredo. It was simple and as healthy as you can get with this all-time favorite dish..

The key ingredient change to note here is Greek yogurt. I encourage you to note this because not only does it add the creamy consistency but it also adds important proteins without the fat. Greek yogurt can be swapped in for so many recipes or added to simple fruits to sweeten them up. It is an affordable and extremely healthy option you should not pass up. When Meijer has their Greek yogurt on sale, the price per 6oz is around $1- $1.25.

I work in an office all day on Monday/Wednesday and am on campus all day Tuesday/Thursday. I often don’t have enough time to sit down and enjoy a full lunch. Because of this, I have found myself snacking all day. There are some benefits to this—like my portions are so big at dinner meals and I tend to have a wider variety of foods but sometimes I can’t kick my sweet tooth out. I have been making a conscious effort to manage my snacks better and have found these alternatives to be super helpful in curving my sweet tooth and hitting the spot of my hunger. While the texture of Hummus is not my favorite it holds a bunch of fiber and protein—both which keep my sense of fullness longer. It goes great with pretzel thins or wheat pita chips. Together, you can get them at Meijer to last about ten days for around $7. I also find apples and natural peanut butter to be a wholesome snack that fills me and eliminates my sweet tooth. The natural peanut butter has a lot of protein and less fat and sodium—which is better for your heart. I don’t get tired of apples because there are so many varieties—I usually go for the flavor on sale that week. But my all-time favorite snack that completely fills the void of chocolate and fills me up is popcorn. I have always known popcorn cures a sweet tooth but never used this knowledge to my advantage until this year. I am quick and usually buy the low-calorie store popcorn— I usually get 3 bags for just under $3. My roommate, however, has a nifty pot that you put popcorn seeds and some olive oil and pops it at home. “You can find these pots at Bed Bath & Beyond”: . for $19.99. Here is the link, below are also reviews from buyers. The kernels are $1.99 for a 1lb bag—so it ends up being much more cost effective.

Lauren Wiltshire
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