Utilizing on-campus rec center, giving UFit a go

By Lauren Wiltshire | 2/3/13 10:39pm

Happy Monday, Grand Valley!

I have been busy with the usual and have been using my resources to find awesome recipes and exercises that might interest you to get back into shape, especially with Spring Break coming up!

I love GVSU’s Recreation Center – or the Fieldhouse, as others know it. I live off campus and sometimes forget what it has to offer. I have done some digging into their programs and next week will be taking advantage of their FREE Cholesterol screening for students, faculty, and staff (the website has contact phone number and appointment times). This hits very close to my heart because both sets of my grandparents and my father have heart disease.

While genetics play a large factor in my heart health, I must do my part. This means eating healthy, exercising, and using my resources such as free cholesterol or blood pressure screenings. I understand we are all young and think we are invincible per say, however, this is the time to keep our bodies in top condition. This is the time in our lives to preserve our bodies so when we age and unavoidable factors come into the picture, we are one step ahead of the game. The Grand Valley Health Center enforces this idea and offers both free and discounted services.

I will also be taking advantage of their UFit program. This program provides the stricter, discipline and accountability that we may need for motivation. I will keep you update in my process, but if you want to start check out this link: http://gvsu.edu/rec/ufit-plan-53.htm. For those of us who were involved in high school sports and miss the responsibility of reporting back to a coach, this program could be very beneficial and it is free!

I also tried these two recipes; one for breakfast and one for dinner. One was a breakfast smoothie, it kept me full for a long time and it tasted great. I used 8oz of vanilla almond milk, (the original recipe calls for coconut milk but I substituted), ¼ cup of raspberries,— frozen, 1 banana, and a dip of honey. The original recipe also calls for two raw eggs, but I couldn’t stomach the thought of that! The smoothie was thick and full of flavors.

For dinner, I tried making salmon. I went home this weekend and had help from my mom, but I could easily manage this on my own. I took two small cuts of salmon, laid them on top of lemon slices, sprinkled some salt, and pepper and wrapped it in tin foil to bake for 25 minutes at 300 Degrees. This salmon did not taste fishy, and it basically melted in my mouth. The lemon gave it an extra zest of freshness and it cost me total about $7 for two portions. We paired it with some steamed vegetables and a crisp salad. This took less than a half hour total time, and while it was baking I had plenty of time to work on homework.

I hope you are enjoying reading this blog as much as I am writing. Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is something you want to read about or something you have tried by emailing me at lwiltshire@mail.lanthorn.com.

“What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” –unknwon


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