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Riding the Rapid

For those of you that have ridden the Rapid Bus connecting GVSU’s two campuses, you will understand the following 386 words. For those of you who have yet to, let this serve as a warning: Ride at your own risk. I guess I can only begin by saying that I’ve affectionately nicknamed it “The Physical Manifestation Of The Struggle Bus.” It is the literal struggle bus.


Make up or break up

So, there you are standing inside your favorite drug store (because that’s the make up most college students can afford) and you’re browsing between what you know and love, and what is on sale.


And runnin', runnin'

Treadmills are really great for our Michigan winters and staying shape. Now, that is has finally spring into spring full gear I want to share some thoughts on why running outside is way more beneficial than being stuck inside the gym on a treadmill.


Apps that keep you on your summer track

So, after moving back home and getting into the summer grind—(no such thing as a full on break for this college student) I have found some smart phone apps that have kept my eating and exercise right on track.


Dove hits home with beauty

Whooo!!! Most of us are on summer vacation finally and it feels so good! On that note, I want to write about the awesome Dove Campaign circling our Facebook and essentially every social media vehicle.