Apps that keep you on your summer track

By Lauren Wiltshire | 4/29/13 5:09pm

So, after moving back home and getting into the summer grind—(no such thing as a full on break for this college student) I have found some smart phone apps that have kept my eating and exercise right on track. I think they are very worthy to share! I have added some other apps that are equivalent options—most of them are free, too, so right on college students budget!

1. MapMyRun GPS Running—this free app tracks and logs your distance and pace. The app will also offer different routes according to the distance you want to run. Another awesome app, very similar, is Run Keeper. RunKeeper also offers heart rate tracking.
2. Nike Running—This app is free and awesome. It uses your GPS to track your miles. Some reviewers say that the miles are not always accurate, but the updates have improved this issue. It can also be used with Nike shoe device—which can offer more accuracy.
3. My Fitness Pal has been featured in several fitness magazines and blogs as being a great tool for calorie counting and diet tracking. It has over 2,000,000 types of foods and still allows you to manually enter your calories! It saves your entries, so you can always go back and look at your progress. Graphs are also offered to summarize your weight goals and daily nutritional goals. This app is also super free!
4. MyNet Diary—is also another free app that offers calorie counting. This app allows you to scan barcodes in grocery stores to see what you are really eating.
5. Fooducate was featured in Time magazine as one of the top 5 must have apps. This app also lets you scan bar codes in grocery stores—while it shows nutrition facts it shows a grade ranging from an A to a D. This is free and one
6. Calorie Tracker by Livestrong— This one is my absolute favorite! Calorie Tracker is so easy to use. It allows you to search foods and exercises. It keeps track fo water intake also. The home page is nice because the meals are separated into circles—like shown here: “”: This helps so you know where the most of your calories are going.
7. To track your heart rate there are two super options. One is Cardiograph that calculates your heart rate by scanning the arterial changes in your fingertips. This app is free. The second app, which is also free –Instant Heart Rate, has the same method, just put your finger on the iPhones camera. Your heart rate is important to keep track of, you don’t want too much stress on your heart because of lack of exercise.
8. Another super cool app is Glucose Buddy. This is also free. It is recommended for diabetic patients. You log your food, carbohydrate consumption, and glucose and insulin levels. This can also correspond with CalorieTrack!
9. Pill Identifier is a $0.99 app that can identify pills without labels. This is a good app to have if you or your roommates have several medications.
10. For a variety of exercises try Nike Training Club. Another free one! The app offers detailed instruction on how to do each drill. They offer 130 varieties to build strength and stamina.
11. FitnessClass is also free and offers videos of workout sessions from all over. It allows you to calculate calories you have burned and tracks progress.
I know some of us have not advanced to the smart phone world—which is totally fine because a lot of these apps can also be found online. No one has an excuse now! The amazing thing is, the energy you put into being healthy, your body will give you back. Starting is always the hardest part.

Have a fabulous Monday!

_“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”—Andrew Carnegie _


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