Twisting your way to reach your goal

By Lauren Wiltshire | 4/22/13 11:13am

So, I had my follow up visit for the U-Fit program and I was super happy and shocked. I was happy because I really stuck with the regimen Chad, my trainer suggested. I hated doing push-ups and the rowing machine, but I do notice a difference and am overall happy that I reluctantly did them. I am also happy because as I am moving back home for the summer, I need a workout plan that is flexible enough without a gym, and Chad was able to offer suggestions of workouts that will be effective without machines. I was shocked to learn that I was one of the only participants to follow through with the UFit plan. Originally, it was challenging to devote more time to my exercise plan, but as I was seeing and feeling new results, I wanted to go to the gym and wanted to keep it up. When I ask my friends that are religious runners or gym-goers, they say the same thing. Perhaps the other participants weren’t seeing immediate results or lost patience or the time devotion, but I have learned over the years—eventually you are going to have no choice. You will have to go to the gym; you will have to be healthy. Eventually your body will shutdown. So, even though it may be challenging now as a student, try to make healthy choices each day—it’s the simple steps that add to lifestyle changes. Fuel your body now.

With that, like I said perhaps the reason people stop going to the gym is because a lack of results. Evidence has suggested that it can take nearly 4 weeks for you to really notice your body changes, and 8 weeks for your friends. While this is true, all this is really saying is give it time. Time is essential. It took time for your body to look the way it is, it will take time to ne healthy. I also understand the struggle of not seeing changes, and not understanding why pounds are falling off. While it is so important to not focus on the number on the scale and how you feel instead, there may be some underlying reasons you’re struggling. You’re exercising but eating whatever you want.
While exercising is key to being healthy, eating healthy is important for the balance, too. If you are craving unhealthy foods, like cookies and pizza try one of two things: eat popcorn—light butter as a snack. For some reason, popcorn will cure a sweet tooth; or try making your own pizza from scratch! Much healthier ingredients and much more flavor!
You may not be eating enough.
Key to losing weight is actually eating enough. You need to eat food to fuel your metabolism. If you aren’t eating enough, your metabolism is essentially holding on to every last bit of calorie you have and moves much slower, so you will stay full for longer periods of time. This can eventually lead to starvation mode, which is no fun for your body or your weight-loss goal. You can find helpful smartphone apps, or even Google search “BMI calorie counter” that will ask questions like what your weight and height are as well as how many pounds you want to lose a week. It will then give you a target caloric goal for each day. Once you reach your goal, you reevaluate how many calories you should be eating to maintain your new, healthy weight!
Your focus is too much on low-fat, non-fat or cutting fat out completely.
Don’t be mistaken and think all fats are bad! This is SO wrong. Trans fats are bad. Saturated fats are bad. But Omega-3s and other fatty acids are great. They can help reduce cholesterol and keep women’s bodies functioning. Take for example peanut butter. It is high in fat, even reduced fat form in Jif has 12g of fat for two tablespoons. However, in moderation, like following the nutrition label serving size peanut butter is great. It has the power to reduce your LDL cholesterol levels (the bad) and is recommended from physicians as an alternative method (compared with medications which can have potentially nasty side effects) to reduce patients’ cholesterol.
The diet is stressing you out—or anything is stressing you out!
We have all seen diet pill commercials talking about stress increasing body fat. While I don’t recommend diet pills or supplements to help lose weight, the commercials are right. Not getting enough sleep and stress increase hormones that can make fat stay, and hold on in your body. Not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep a night, and others handle stress differently— try finding a balance to reduce stress and sleep enough. Try things like yoga, running when stressed or even a 30-minute nap during the day! If naps are kept to 30 minutes they can increase productivity and creativity!
You think foods are healthy, and they’re not.
Think of salads. When made correctly, they can be infused with vitamins and nutrients but when you add “creamy” dressings, high-saturated fat cheese, and crouton you defeat the purpose of a salad and it soon turns into a high-calorie meal. Try to focus on fresh greens, low in calorie dressings, and fresh fruit for salads.
Skipping liquids as calories.
It is a pain to think that juices and sodas have to count because they don’t really fills us up. But a few servings of 100 calorie glasses of juice or 150 calories soda cans add up quick.

Something is medically causing you to not lose weight.
So, you are at the point where you are doing everything right and nothing is changing. It is time to call on a medical professional. Our bodies can do great things for us, they can heal us and make us go, but sometimes they need help. Things such as gluten intolerance—where you cannot digest gluten, or thyroid problems—where your hormones are not being produced properly can really throw off your balance and cause weight issues. Another common problem for women is having cysts on their ovaries. These cysts can be fluid-filled and cause your body to retain a lot of water. It is always okay to check in with a medical professional a lot of issues can be solved by diet change or sometimes a medication!

Take time to be your best you. The time is well worth it. Good luck on finals, sweet summer is so close! _

_“Your journey has molded you for your greater good. And it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think that you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.” –Asha Tyson

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