Beat exhaustion with balance of perspective

By Lauren Wiltshire | 5/14/13 12:54pm

I never used to understand the definition of “tired.” Last week, I learned it and will never forget it. I worked 84 hours. On top of staying awake at Children’s Miracle Network, I worked my a** off serving tables at an Italian Steakhouse in my hometown. At CMN, I design brochures, make phone calls, create post cards and am currently taking on the biggest project of the August Beaumont Children’s Miracle Classic Golf Outing. At the restaurant, I serve tables, clean up after others, and smile for around a 9 hour shift. I come home, shower, go to bed, repeat. I skip dinner, because I have no time and am not a fan of multi-tasking while driving. I know this sounds like I hate my life, and for a minute—or a few days last week I did, mostly because I was exhausted and missing my Grand Rapids life—where my boyfriend is, where my best friend is, where I have no curfew etc. But, today, now that I think about it I had very minimal grounds to have any hatred toward my life. Here’s why:
1. I have not only one, but three jobs. Some people can’t find one. This means I have three incomes, two of which are consistent.
2. I am responsible enough to take on challenges now and be rewarded later.
3. While I am incredibly missing my boyfriend, the demands of work help the time go much faster and smoother when he is in GR.
4. Serving tables requires me to be on my feet, carrying heavy trays, walking quickly—(being active!) for about 9 hours a day. So, while I may not be getting my normal routine of 45-minute work-outs I am getting in shape—and realizing what I need to work on.
5. I get to play with babies at CMN—babies that might not have tomorrow. Who am I to be upset that not only I’m alive, but I can move, speak, hear, see and drive a car!? That seems awfully selfish.
I know a recap may be slightly boring for you to read but my intention is to pull you all back in for a minute. Yes, it is summer and yes, it sucks right now to be working all day and not getting sun. But really, in the big perspective of the world—we are so lucky. And I feel selfish that I felt so upset I had to go to my work. Next time we start feeling angry or frustrated in any situation, step back for minute— things can always be worse—instead of thinking what we want and have yet to get, think of what we have and why we started the task in the first place—I guarantee it will put your mind at ease—even it is for a minute.
Keep in mind, that sometimes things are too much. Use your resources, ask for help, and evaluate your time. Perhaps, your life is too busy and you’re not savoring the small things—take time to find your balance, to find what is important to you—because really those are the things that will count years from now.

Whatever your past has been, you have a spotless future.—anonymous


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