Fads aren't always so rad

By Lauren Wiltshire | 5/20/13 11:49pm

So, you want to get into shape, get healthy again, feel confident— and are looking for the best route to take. You’re considering different options—increasing exercises, drinking more water, cutting out carbs, fad diets, HCG shots. But in all reality, what is the best route? What is the healthiest? What will keep you confident for the longest? Where will each option take you? Will it deprive you of nutrients? Will it give you a burst of energy? I thought since beach and swimsuit season is quickly approaching we could go through a run down of what routines have historically been successfully. Note, that in order to be healthy, and set a new health related goal, you should always speak with a health care professional. They are educated and will give you the right advice for your own body.

Studies have shown that Weight Watchers has been the longest term in keeping the weight off. Scientists and physicians suggest that it is not the diet, or the regimen they suggest that make this successful, rather the idea that eating healthy—and being healthy—is a lifestyle change. This is key to being successful in any goals we set for ourselves. It is not a now only kind of thing. Weight Watchers may also be successful because it does not eliminate anything from your diet. You are allowed to eat whatever you want, within your own point range. You are encouraged to reach that point range every day; otherwise the weight may not come off as quickly. This is another key success point—by not depriving yourself, you allow yourself to fulfill your cravings with limits. You teach yourself what is okay and what is too much, again reinforcing the lifestyle change.

Another common healthy-weight loss technique is fad diets. You may know ones like the Atkins Diet, The HCG diet, No-Carb Diet, The Ducan Diet etc. These diets work great while on them. However, it is very challenging to keep weight off as you end your diet. The reason it is such a challenge, is because it is very hard to live, for the rest of your life without any carbs. It is very challenging to only eat meat and dairy for the rest of your life. These diets are realistic when trying to accomplish a quick goal, but for long-term success they are generally not as successful as full life style changes.

As always, increasing activity is a great way to find a healthy balance. The point of being healthy is not what the scale reads. Rather, being healthy is feeling good, having a strong immunity, having energy and getting enough rest. Increasing our daily activity has been proven to help in all areas—confidence, rest, wellness, immunity, and happiness even. If you don’t have a lot of time, take a short walk, do a 30-minute session of cardio—make small changes to turn into big changes.

Obviously, certain methods work better for some. Like I have always enforced, life is all about a healthy balance. Eat the apples and eat the cookie. Find what works for you, and stick with it, make it your lifestyle.

“Worry about your character, not your reputation. Because your character is who you are and your reputation is what people think you are.” – Anonymous


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