Make up or break up

By Lauren Wiltshire | 5/10/13 6:54am

So, there you are standing inside your favorite drug store (because that’s the make up most college students can afford) and you’re browsing between what you know and love, and what is on sale. You stand there for several minutes trying to justify spending $3 more because you love the brand you’ve always used—you know it wears well and doesn’t make clumps, the mascara makes your lashes go on forever and the bright red lipstick—that seems to be forever trending—makes your lips luscious. But, really here’s the deal. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. So, how do you go from buying what you have come to know as quality, to bargain hunting for what is going on your face? I have a few tips to finding the perfect balance.

First, understand that make-up is not necessary! There are really awesome pros to not wearing make-up. For example, you don’t clog your pores, you don’t have clumped mascara on, your eyes won’t itch, if you cry there is no make up to run, you save money (!), and perhaps most importantly, you embrace and promote your natural beauty. But, I know sometimes make-up does the trick, so I’ll keep moving to my tips.

First, find coupons. Go online to the brands website, coupons are often posted there. You can also request samples! Also, watch for when it is on sale. It may pinch your pockets when you first buy it, but you’ll appreciate it when it’s time to switch out that mascara (which should be every three months!). Also, most stores will honor competitors coupons—take advantage of that so you only have to make one stop shopping trips—over time it will save you gas money. Sign up for stores rewards cards. Sephora—which has higher line make-up, has a great program that gives you free make-up via their point system. Ulta, which is my personal favorite, has a point system that sends you coupons like “$3 off your purchase of $10”. Ulta also honors newspaper coupons! They sell upper scale and drug store make-up, hair products, body products, and nail care as well as a variety of other things for personal care.

Also, take note to which skin care line that has the same qualities as your make up. For example, if you are searching for something that won’t clog pores, you can choose something like Neutrogena, Almay or Physicians Choice—they all rotate sales and work very similarly. If you want a true-match to your skin tone, try Revlon, or L’Oreal. I think you get what I’m saying. Don’t be afraid to not like something when you’ve tried it. Most companies offer a “money-back guarantee” if you keep your receipt.

Also, try going to make-up counters at stores like Macy’s—they are great because you tell them your needs and it is their sole job to find you a perfect match!

Like I said in the beginning, embrace your natural beauty. Take advantage of our young, wrinkle-less skin and enhance our own self—finding balance from the inside. It may take time to adjust and embrace, but it is so worth it.
“Happiness is only real when shared.” –Anonymous _


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