Riding the Rapid

| 9/22/13 1:46pm

For those of you that have ridden the Rapid Bus connecting GVSU’s two campuses, you will understand the following 386 words.

For those of you who have yet to, let this serve as a warning: Ride at your own risk.

I guess I can only begin by saying that I’ve affectionately nicknamed it “The Physical Manifestation Of The Struggle Bus.”

It is the literal struggle bus. If you’re lucky enough to ride it not in between the hours of noon and 6PM, or 7PM and midnight on weekends, you just might find a seat. If not, good luck my friend-you’re in for anywhere from three minutes to a half hour clutching a pole brightly labeled “Pise Con Cuidado!”

I wouldn’t worry too much about this though. If you’re put in that situation you can probably skip your workout for the day even if you did have a Frappuccino and fries for breakfast, considering the resulting core and arm workout from trying to keep yourself upright is practically Crossfit-worthy.

I get it, it’s probably pretty difficult to drive a huge, hulking bus. But sometimes the braking is worse than mine, and I give my boyfriend a panic attack while I’m driving at least once a week, and that’s giving myself a liberal amount of the benefit of the doubt. (Ask him-he’ll confirm this.)

I do have to give the drivers credit though. Most are nice people who genuinely love their job and enjoy their work. I had a driver sing the entire ride once.

There are a few though, who seem discontent, cranky, tired, and desperately in need of a drink. You get on the bus and all of a sudden you’re face-to-face with Grumpy Cat. Slightly uncomfortable, no?

What’s even more uncomfortable is having to wedge yourself between the longboarder who’s approximately two feet taller than you and a girl with her nose shoved in a Liberal Studies book, while trying not to smack someone in the face with your backpack.

The bus is packed fuller than Starbucks on the first day of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s horrible.

Better yet, when the weekends hit and parties roll around, the amount of people who reek of alcohol and Fourthmeal go up exponentially. Not to mention other, not-so-legal substances. (You’re not fooling anybody.)

The bus may get you where you need to go, but is it enjoyable? Nope. Comfortable? Ha. An adventure? One could say. So this is my word of advice to you, Lakers: go ahead, ride the Rapid. Sometimes it’s a college student’s only choice. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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