Sending Valentine’s love to France

By Amina Mamaty | 2/10/13 5:57pm

Earlier last week, an old lady, one of our loyal recreational center customers interrupted me while I was daydreaming. “Are you sending your Mom a card for Valentine’s Day? Since it is going to France, it is going to take a while. You should do it now!” It took me quite a while to process the question, then after realizing that she really was asking me that, I thought that maybe she assumed I didn’t have a father. I responded, “Well my Dad probably will do something! That is his job!” She looked at me all offended and said “But you have to be good to your Mom! You only have one mother.” Feeling like I have gotten her upset, I agreed with her so she could leave me alone.

This little conversation was on my mind for a couple minutes after that. It had never came to my mind that I should be sending my mother a Valentine’s card. I thought Valentine’s Day was only for romantic lovers? Don’t single people often complain that they don’t have a significant other? In three days, we will also hear from people who do have a Valentine how their celebration could have been better. I have never heard mother’s mention their sadness about the fact that their daughter didn’t get them anything for the occasion. However, that old lady was extremely serious. It raises the following question: what is Valentine’s Day really about?

My home boy, Wiki Pedia, says that Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and affection. In that case, everybody should be able to celebrate it. Nowadays, and in most culture who celebrate Valentine’s Day, it seems like true love and can only exist between a couple. We tend to forget about family and friends who have been there since the beginning. They also need to be reminded how much they are loved, and this, at anytime of the year. There is no reason why anybody should feel lonely February 14th. Showing love shouldn’t have any boundaries and this is what it is about. One day should not be able to determine that.

In France, it is not that big of a deal. People celebrate Valentine’s Day, but only with their significant other. Here, at my job, decorations have been up for the past two weeks. Unless you are not from this generation or didn’t look up the origin of it, it is hard to understand what is behind it. After long reflection, I will not send my mother a card for Valentine’s Day card but I will make sure to remind her that I love her. “

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