Web workshop bolsters graduate assistant skills

By Layna Edington | 10/28/12 3:13pm

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Web Workshop put on by the GVSU Web Team through my work as a Graduate Assistant for the Office of Graduate Studies. This was the second workshop put on by the GVSU Web Team I have attended, and once again I was impressed by how helpful and informative the morning was. At both events I learned more than I expected to learn, and was impressed with the presenters.

Another positive aspect of the Web Workshops is the ability of attendees to pick and choose what sections they want to attend. This provides the opportunity for each individual to fine tune the workshop to meet their specific needs. Overall, there were twelve sessions to choose from and a lunch where participants could speak with the Web Team about the changes coming with CMS 4. The sessions included: Email Newsletters, A CMS Overview, Photos and Images for the Web, The CMS Editor, Ben and Dave Review Your Site, Working with the Web Team, Search Engine Optimization, Wrangle Your Content, Editing Source Code/HTML, Social Media, Advanced CMS, and eCommerce. With this expansive list of topics, it was hard to decide which sessions to attend. Ultimately I chose to sit in on four session including Email Newsletters, The CMS Editor, Wrangle Your Content, and Social Media.

The time seemed to fly by, but I can say I learned something at each of the sessions. The session that was most helpful to me personally was “Wrangle Your Content.” “Wrangle Your Content” focused on how to build up a website, and make sure it meets users’ needs. At the Office of Graduate Studies I write this blog, help with Facebook updates, and assist in managing the website content, which is why this particular session was so interesting to me. The presenter not only kept my attention, but presented the information in very understandable terms. Further, he did a great job of breaking the daunting task of managing content to six concise steps to follow. He also did a great job of giving multiple examples for many different levels of web content involvement. I have already started to think about how our office can implement these six steps and start creating better content for our users.

As a Graduate Assistant I enjoy getting the opportunity to get more involved with the campus community and attend workshops that build my skills. I know how important our website is both for current and prospective students as well as faculty and staff, and I know the more I can learn about it the better I will be able to contribute. If you are a Graduate Assistant I highly recommend you get involved in events that pertain to your work here at GVSU. It is very rewarding to know you are bringing a little extra to your position and making a difference. If you have questions about getting more involved be sure to ask your GPD and the Faculty members you work with about potential training sessions you can attend. Also be sure to register for the PACES events that interest you.

I hope everyone is still doing well with the semester. Be sure to take a little time to enjoy Halloween, and good luck with the next week. Remember if you need anything, be sure to visit the Office of Graduate Studies.

Layna Edington
_Graduate Student Association _

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