Giving thanks over break

By Layna Edington | 11/18/12 6:36pm

Congratulations, you made it to Thanksgiving Break week! With the holiday within reach, we all have something to be thankful for, even if it is just a couple extra days without class. With all the celebrating you will be doing it is especially important to do what you can to avoid a cold that would only put a damper on your extended weekend. I know most of us are probably heading into the holiday break low on sleep and high on stress, which may make avoiding a cold almost impossible. The good news is that there are some different remedies that can both help prevent a cold, or treat the cold you already have.

We have all heard of cold remedies such as chicken soup or vitamin C, but are these cures really working? I know when I start to feel a cold coming on I immediately start taking vitamin C drops, which turns out might be a great idea. However, I know almost everyone has his or her own way of treating a nasty cold. Want to know if your cold remedy is proven to work? Be sure to check out this infograph about common cold remedies and how effective each remedy is proven to be. It can be a big help to be prepared not only for the holiday, but also cold season. After all you wouldn’t want a runny nose to keep you from enjoying a little extra turkey on Thursday, or keep you in bed past 5 a.m. on Black Friday.

I hope you have a relaxing Thanksgiving Break, filled with wonderful food minus the cold. Spend the extra days off enjoying your family and friends, and try to avoid homework and studying even if it is just for one day. The time off will allow you to come back refreshed and ready to conquer the next three weeks to finish out the semester. Remember our office is always here to help with any of your graduate study needs.

Layna Edington
Graduate Student Association

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