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Grand Valley State University's Beacon Since 1963, Allendale, MI
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Poll Archive

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9.18.2014  7 total responses

Do you think getting a flu shot is an affective way to prevent it spreading across campus?

9.15.14  22 total responses

Should GVSU do more to keep students safe in the immediate area around campus?

9.11.14  17 total responses

Do you think GVSU does enough to remember 9/11?

9.8.14  14 total responses

Are your professors participating in the fall breather?

9.4.14  18 total responses

Do you think GVSU does enough to make students feel comfortable on campus?

8.27.14  18 total responses

Do you wish you had more interaction with international students?

8.25.14  15 total responses

What are you worried about most for this academic year?

8.18.2014  8 total responses

Do you think tuition is increasing too much from one academic year to the next?

7.7.2014  34 total responses

Do you think that GV is moving in the right direction as a liberal arts university?

6.2.14  32 total responses

Do you think it's important to support local businesses and vendors?

5.5.14  21 total responses

Are you a good representative of GVSU when not on campus?

10.17.14  17 total responses

If you could redo this school year, would you do anything differently?

10.14.14  8 total responses

Should GVSU invest more in interdisciplinary events?

4.10.2014  11 total responses

Do you think GVSU should review its older policies to make sure they are still relevant and just?

4.3.14  14 total responses

Does GVSU explain to students opportunities to use their skills to advance the human experience?

3.31.2014  8 total responses

Is there still unfinished business that GVSU needs to tend to before the end of the year?

3.26.14  19 total responses

Was the Teach-In worth GVSU investing in?

3.24.14  23 total responses

Should GVSU construct a place of worship for its non-Christian community members?

3.20.2014  15 total responses

Do you think the events that GVSU hosts are worth skipping class for?

3.17.14  19 total responses

Should interactions with people of differing worldviews be a priority at GVSU?