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Poll Archive

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4.21.16  113 total responses

Do you think religious prejudice is an issue on GVSU's campus?

4.18.16  12 total responses

Do you actively try to learn about other people's religions?

4.13.16  13 total responses

Have you ever been to the GVSU Farmers Market?

4.10.16  21 total responses

Do you think you know enough about what student senate does?

4.6.16  14 total responses

Do you think you get enough real-world experience in your classes? 

4.4.16  Array total responses

Do you think there are adequate resources for mental health at GVSU?

3.31.16  18 total responses

Do you feel like student input and criticism is taken into consideration by GVSU?

3.27.16  31 total responses

Do you think it was appropriate for GVSU to have an Easter egg hunt?

3.23.16  5 total responses

Do you think GVSU students represent the university well when they're overseas?

3.20.16  10 total responses

Should student senate decide how money will be distributed to student groups?

 7 total responses

Do you have any plans for St. Patrick's Day celebrations?

3.14.16  18 total responses

Do you struggle with mental health in college?

3.2.16  36 total responses

Are you going to vote on March 8?

2.28.16  21 total responses

Did you complete the Campus Climate Survey in the fall?

2/21/16  22 total responses

Have you ever self-censored an opinion because you were afraid of the reaction you might get?

2.17.16  22 total responses

Do you think that GVSU has good relationships with Grand Rapids?

2.14.16  13 total responses

Would raising the price of a parking ticket $15 deter you from parking illegally on campus?

1.10.16  18 total responses

Do you plan on attending the John Kasich event on Feb. 15?

2.7.16  24 total responses

How do you feel when a professor ends a three-hour class more than an hour early?

2.2.16  17 total responses

Are you aware of what National Signing Day is?