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Diversity is in the eye of the beholder

(09/12/12 7:57pm)

Is Grand Valley State University diverse? “In the sense of plants and wildlife, yes; in the sense of humans, no,” said Valentina Valdes, GVSU alumna and former graphic designer for the Lanthorn. On the other hand, Shelby Woody, senior at GVSU majoring in cultural anthropology, said, “yes, more so than it used to be.” There are currently 369 international students on this campus out of 24,654 students total and nine cultural organizations out of the 180 organizations active on this campus, and I still believe that my GVSU is quite diverse. Most people would say the opposite due to the fact that it is a predominantly white school in need of more color, but I have a different definition of the word “diversity.” Diversity starts by acknowledging that there are different cultures around you and making the effort to get to learn about them.

Nothing is free, but anything is possible in America

(09/19/12 6:44pm)

As I was complaining about a purse being expensive in a little shop in New York City, an old lady once told me “nothing is free in America” and I responded, “but anything is possible.” I put the purse back and walked out of her store with a smile. I was just being silly but I do believe that anything is possible in the United States of America; you just have to be at the right place at the right time.

The pervasive faith of America

(05/05/13 10:59pm)

You can ask any French person what Sundays are for, and they will tell you that it is strictly to sleep in. That thought not only would reinforce the stereotype that we are lazy, but that would also show how different our culture is compare to the United States. I have been here long enough to say that Americans are way more religious than we are. I have always thought that going to Church on Sunday was a myth in American movies. In France, I do not know a single person who goes to Church

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