Michigan kombucha unites

Local West Michigan company Sacred Springs Kombucha will be hosting the first Michigan Kombucha Festival at their Grand Rapids Taphouse.  Kombucha tastings, a homebrewing competition and a Kommunity Kombucha brew will occur during the Saturday, May 18 festival. The ticketed event will be held at the Sacred Springs Kombucha Taphouse at 1059 Wealthy St. SE from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The organizers of the festival reached out to every Michigan kombucha company, all of which are involved in the festival in some way.  Sacred Springs co-owner Joel Andrus said almost the whole state is represented by a kombucha brewing company from that area. 


GV alumna wins $50,000 prize for female artists

The Grand Valley State University art program has helped countless young, talented artists grow into highly skilled and successful professional artists. Recently, alumna Aneka Ingold has proved this through her achievement in winning $50,000 in the first Bennett Prize, the largest prize ever awarded to solely female painters. Ingold, who graduated from GVSU in 2013 with a degree in painting, works and teaches in Tampa, Florida depicting creative and subversive portrayals of the female experience through her colorful, detailed paintings. On her site, Ingold states that she attempts “to represent a shared female experience” through vibrant visual stories.

Courtesy / GRNow

Art Bash for Creston

On Friday, May 2, the Creston Neighborhood Association hosted its 14th annual Art Bash for Creston. The event, which lasted from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., included a plethora of art, food and activities provided by local artists, restaurants and businesses. All proceeds went to the Creston Neighborhood Association, and the event served to bring the community together and celebrate Creston’s growing presence of art and culture.  The Creston Neighborhood Association is a non-profit organization committed to supporting the over 25,000 Creston residents and enriching a diverse community where all neighbors thrive. 

GVL/Katherine Vasile, 4/13/19, Haas Center for Performing Arts - Louis Armstrong Theatre, Spring Dance Concert

GV dance students present senior capstones in spring concert

Among Grand Valley State University’s various artistic programs, dance is a particularly demanding discipline. As students learn and grow as professional dancers at GVSU, they are required to practice rigorously, and there are few better events to see this hard work in action than the annual Spring Dance Concerts. Held on April 13, the Spring Dance Concert featured a broad, diverse display of choreography from students, professors and guests, all performed by talented and dedicated dance students. Two of the pieces of the evening were senior capstone works from dance students Allison Egrin and Domonique Chambers. Both Egrin and Chambers are immensely proud of their capstone pieces, which they have put countless hours of work into.

Photographed by Benjamin Hunt. Childrening learning environment. Calder. Monday 4/8/19.

Offering: The art of environmental education

Grand Valley State University artist-in-resident Melanie Daniels collaborated with the CA Frost Environmental and Science Academy to guide children in spreading environmental awareness through artistic expression.   Daniels, also a visiting professor, presented the “Offering” exhibit in the Padnos Gallery of the Calder Art Center. Amy Paul’s fourth-grade students were invited to the GVSU Visual Arts building, where they began to take part in the project which combined exploring themes of the environment as they created art for the gallery.  

Courtesy / Silverstiles

GV professor releases album with band Silverstiles

Grand Rapids-based band Silverstiles have released their second studio album, Slow to Burn, led by Grand Valley State University adjunct professor John Bruni. Recorded at Goon Lagoon studio and released March 1, the album captures images of American life through vivid imagery. Bruni teaches communication studies at GVSU, where he has taught for nine years and specializes in communication theory. He is the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for Silverstiles. He said that his interest in music began in junior high when he started playing guitar, continuing on to play with different bands. Slow to Burn is Bruni’s first record on vocals, which he said made the songs feel more “emotionally-direct.”

Students from Grand Valley put on a puppet show at the film festival. GVL / Andrew Nyhof

Latin American films highlighted at Grand Rapids Latin American Film Festival

The Grand Rapids Latin American Film Festival (GRLAFF) created the opportunity for the west Michigan community to observe the different aspects and themes of Latin American culture. Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids hosted the GRLAFF April 5-7. This year's festival, named “Cinema Without Borders,” consisted of a variety of events that represented Latin American culture through film. The festival included feature films as well as a series of short films. After select screenings, the director was present to answer the audience's questions about the film. The event was coordinated by GVSU professors Médar Serrata and Mayra Fortes González. Multiple west Michigan colleges and other community groups also collaborated to produce the ninth annual GRLAFF. 

Courtesy / Lastfm

Rapper and R&B artist Blackbear performed a sold-out show at Fieldhouse Arena on April 4 for the annual spring concert, arranged by the Campus Activities Board. DJ Andre Power opened the concert by playing popular songs to warm concertgoers up before Blackbear’s performance, which event organizer Kalie Tomlinson said students enjoyed. 

Courtesy / GVSU

Spring concert to feature Blackbear

Rapper and R&B artist Matthew Musto, known by his stage name Blackbear, will perform at Grand Valley State University’s Fieldhouse Arena on April 4 as part of this year’s spring concert. Andre Power, DJ and co-creator of music label Soulection, will open for Musto. Two surveys were sent out in fall 2018 by the Campus Activities Board (CAB) to decide on a performer for the event. The first survey intended to gauge student music preferences and the second let students vote on the artist they would most like to see, where Musto received the most votes. Event organizer Kalie Tomlinson said that it is rare to book the campus’ first choice.