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CEO Carl Erickson of Atomic Object

From the classroom to the boardroom

Carl Erickson was a professor at Grand Valley State University for 10 years. He taught upper-level systems courses and graduate programs in computer science and engineering. However, Erickson felt the need to move into the business world.

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Community Outreach Week promotes 'Laker Effect'

Whether volunteering alone or as part of a group, giving back to the community is something Grand Valley State University prides as part of its “Laker Effect.” With this in mind, Community Outreach Week (COW) was started to unite GVSU students around the globe. In full-swing since 2008, this event starts Saturday, March 18, while alumni, current students, faculty and staff members are invited to join a project or create their own.


GVSU alumni start a pop band

4/5 of a new Michigan pop band is made up of recent Grand Valley State University graduates that are chasing their dreams of producing and performing music after receiving their degrees from GVSU’s school of communications.

Cancer Warrior - Lauren Wagner GVL/Kevin Sielaff

Year in Review: Top features #4

When a life-altering situation interrupts the gradual adjustment of experiencing milestone moments, such as transitioning to a university, it can be anything but easy. However, with the right kind of support networks and community resource centers, the word ‘easy’ soon evolves into an understatement.