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GVSU Rifle Club

Rifle club president, GVPD support campus gun ban

Last month, a Michigan state court of appeals ruled in favor of the University of Michigan’s campus ban on guns after an Ann Arbor resident sued, saying it was in violation of the Second Amendment. In the state, Grand Valley State University is another college that also has a gun ban in place. The rule is a part of GVSU’s Student Code, which states that “A student shall not possess any firearm or weapon anywhere upon property governed by the University, except University Police Officers and other legally established law enforcement officers acting in the course of and scope of employment.”

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CEO Carl Erickson of Atomic Object

From the classroom to the boardroom

Carl Erickson was a professor at Grand Valley State University for 10 years. He taught upper-level systems courses and graduate programs in computer science and engineering. However, Erickson felt the need to move into the business world.

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GVSU professor works to help treat disabled patients with horse-based therapy

Riding a horse for many can be an exciting, adventurous experience. It’s spontaneous; fun; adrenaline-inducing; and, for those living with neurological and developmental disorders, potentially life-changing. Equine-assisted therapy, otherwise known as hippotherapy, is a long-existing form of therapy that utilizes horses as a vehicle for facilitating improvement in the motor skills of the neurologically troubled, such as those who suffer from cerebral palsy, autism, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, down syndrome and other ailments.

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Michael Moody, Ph.D. is the Frey Foundation Chair for Family Philanthropy

Understanding community giving

Grand Valley State University’s Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy has recently released a report designed to understand philanthropic dynamics on a community level. The study, "Understanding the Philanthropic Character of Communities,"applies a new method for assessing the philanthropic character of a community.