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Published 07/06/14 2:40pm

As Grand Valley State University continues to expand, it also continues to evolve. As students at this university we a role in the direction this school will go.

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Going local

Recently, we’ve been barraged with the message to buy local, to support shops in our towns and to avoid the big, evil corporations.

Others say it’s too expensive to buy local, that Walmart is affordable.

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For many students, the coming of summer means relaxation, vacationing and traveling. While others are stuck taking summer classes or booked with an internship or another job, a short day trip or fun activity can be planned.
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The time has almost come. Students, faculty and staff, about one more week and you’ve made it through another (perhaps your last) academic year. Congratulations!
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This weekend, Grand Valley State University hosted the Grand Dialogue to open discussion about the relationship between science and religion.
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At the beginning of the winter 2014 semester, students received an email from the Grand Valley Police Department notifying students of a sexual assault that took place on the downtown Grand Valley State University campus.
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Last week, the Grand Valley State University Student Senate hosted its second town hall meeting to discuss donor relations with members of the Board of Trustees. More than 50 members of the campus community including students, staff, faculty and administrators came to weigh in on the discussion.
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When we were children, we often fielded the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And we naturally articulated dreams of becoming firefighters, doctors or teachers. For most of us, our answers were inspired by selfless visions of service, and we justified our answers by a simply desire to “help people” and make an impact in their community.
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It’s almost time, Lakers! It’s almost time for the school year to be done and the summer to begin. This means different things to every student — studying abroad, internships, jobs, relaxation, vacationing. Take your pick. But the quickly approaching summer also means the same thing to every student: a rush to complete things before the school year ends.
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People like to complain. Just a fact. And if you’re a person, you likely have complaints. And if you’re a Grand Valley State University student, your list of complaints probably includes a point or two about the way the university runs or meets your needs.
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