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Published 09/21/14 5:32pm

At Grand Valley State University, students have several options when it comes to dining on campus. There are the traditional sit-down venues such as Engrained and Fresh Food Company, and there are the quick stops for students on the go such as the Lobby Shop in the Kirkhof Center or The Pod in Connection

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Along with the approach of blustery days, sweater weather, cooler temperatures and trips to the apple orchard, the fall season also brings the flu season.

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Recently in the area surrounding Grand Valley State University there have been several incidents involving GVSU students.

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Never Forget

Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001? Class, work, at home with your family? Each of us has our own memory of that day.

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At Grand Valley State University, there are several designated "free speech zones" that any group can go to and be able to say anything they want.

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This year, for the first time, the ELS Language Center is going to be located on campus, and its move from 48th Avenue to the newly renovated Au Sable Hall should not go unnoticed.

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Heading in the right direction

Last week, Grand Valley State University kicked off the year with Convocation. Many people around campus spoke to give new and returning students advice on having a successful academic year, including President Thomas Haas, Provost Gayle Davis, University Academic Senate Chair Karen Gipson, Student Senate President Andrew Plague and several others.
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As Grand Valley State University continues to expand, it also continues to evolve. As students at this university we a role in the direction this school will go.

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Going local

Recently, we’ve been barraged with the message to buy local, to support shops in our towns and to avoid the big, evil corporations.

Others say it’s too expensive to buy local, that Walmart is affordable.

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