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Annual Student Composer Compeition

GVSU New Music Ensemble to host eighth annual Student Composer Competition

What would life be like without music? Imagine it for a moment. No listening to music on the radio on a long drive. No music to dance to. Many people do not realize it, but music has a bigger effect on their lives than they may think. The New Music Ensemble at Grand Valley State University, an undergraduate ensemble that promotes modern-day music through different events, will be facilitating the eighth annual Student Composer Competition for GVSU music students.

GVL/Sara Carte - Freshly sliced fruit pictured on Monday, Nov. 21, 2016.

University Counseling Center to participate in National Eating Disorder Screening Day

While media can be a great source of entertainment and socialization, it can also be used negatively, like setting unrealistic expectations for body image. Unfortunately, a twisted portrayal of what’s realistic can be the cause of self-consciousness and insecurity in a large portion of the population. Both men and women are faced with trying to fit into the mold that media portrays to be beautiful, and sometimes this objective can lead to unhealthy mindsets and unhealthy habits. Among these are self-hate, self-criticism, insecurity, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.


Thanking private donors

To educate the Grand Valley State University community about the impact and importance of private donor funding, the Future Alumni Association (FAA) will be hosting GVS(You) Week from Monday, Feb. 20, to Friday, Feb. 24. During this week, GVSU students will have the opportunity to write thank you notes to donors, attend an ice cream social to learn more about private funding and wear their Laker gear for a Spirit Day.

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GVSU's KPop Group Evolution performs during the 2016 Global Gala on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016.

K-pop Unleashed

The world holds an endless variety of unique passions, and K-pop, a term defining Korean pop culture, happens to be one. The K-pop Group Evolution club at Grand Valley State University will present its annual K-pop Unleashed event, an upbeat showcase of Korean pop culture, Thursday, Feb. 16, at 7 p.m. in the Kirkhof Center Grand River Room.

GVL / Luke Holmes - A student speaks with Artprize representative, Amelea Pegman.The career fair was held in the Devos Place Thursday, Feb. 26, 2016.

Learning how to talk to employers

Talking to a professional in their field of interest can be nerve-wracking and intimidating for some students, but knowing how to connect meaningfully with employers is an important networking skill. To help students and alumni develop their professional communication skills, Grand Valley State University will be hosting an event called “How to Talk to Employers.”

GVL / Kasey Garvelink - Students took notes while attending the Student Scholars Day keynote Lecture presented by Dr. David Wineland on Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2016 in Allendale.

Registration opens for Student Scholars Day

Registration is now open to sign up for Student Scholars Day, an annual event where students showcase their scholarly or creative works to the community. The final day to register is Friday, Feb. 24. Undergraduate and graduate students can submit their work to the event and have it showcased in multiple exhibits at Grand Valley State University Wednesday, April 12.