Snowshoe walks expand winter activity options

As notorious as Grand Valley State University is for its long, cold winters, it opens up many options for people to take part in winter activities. To avoid the high costs of hitting the slopes elsewhere, a more local option is being offered to faculty and staff this winter: snowshoeing.

GVL / Emly Frye
Group of international/transfer students finalizing their schedules for this new semester.

Tips for a smooth mid-year college transfer

New people, new environment, new journey. The start of every semester brings its own set of stressors and anxiety-driven factors, but for mid-year transfer students, it can be a time where adjustment is slow to follow. Whether it be from a two-year college or another university, transferring schools during the middle of an academic year can undoubtedly prove to be more challenging than starting fresh in the fall.

GVL /  Courtesy 
Roger Rapoport

Local film stars GV talent

In 2009, 228 people boarded Air France flight 447 in Rio de Janeiro to make a routine flight to Paris, but the passengers and flight crew never reached their final destination. The Air France flight disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean.