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Connection naming ceremony honors Lynn Blue

Vice President for Enrollment Development Lynn “Chick” Blue received praise during her building naming ceremony on April 9 for working 50 years at Grand Valley State University. Held at the newly-named Blue Connection, the celebration focused on her longtime service to students. “We’re a college,” Blue said. “We want students to come here to grow, so they are number one.” Reflecting on her career, Blue explained she came to the university by accident, thinking she would have a temporary job. However, working with students inspired her to stay long-term. Blue said the students make GVSU because they graduate and perform brilliant achievements. Subsequently, alumni tell the university about their accomplishments.

GVL/Kevin Sielaff - A Grand Valley student writes on Nathan Williamson's free speech board on Wednesday, Mar. 22, 2017 outside of Zumberge Hall on Grand Valley's Allendale campus.

Activists take to GV following free speech executive order

After President Trump’s recent executive order for universities to uphold all forms of free speech on campus or risk losing federal funding, a group of anti-abortion activists from Grand Rapid’s Inner City Church Planting Mission showed up on Grand Valley State University’s campus April 8 to see how officials would respond.   The group was directed by David Schutte who had previously demonstrated on the university’s campus. Schutte and his fellow demonstrators initially set up near the Carillon Tower (a designated free speech zone of GVSU), then later left the zone to see if campus police would respond. Police did not interfere.  


Student senate proposal to Board of Trustees calls for more student involvement

Student senate introduced a proposal to the Board of Trustees that seeks to improve and foster student participation within the board’s decision making. If accepted by the board, the proposal will seek more opportunities for student input and ideas on board decisions regarding students.  Student senate president Rachel Jenkin, who co-authored the proposal along with incoming president Eric-John Szczepaniak, explained that she sees the proposal to promote the inclusion of more student voices on changes being made at GVSU. 

Student Senate. Student Senate Meeting. 4:30 p.m in Kirkhof, Pure Marquette Room. February 7th, 2019. Discussing ways in which to approve the conditions of GV Students in regards to the education system. GVL / Ben Hunt

Student senate approves 2019-2020 Student Life Fund budget

At student senate's general assembly on March 28, the 2019-2020  Student Life Fund (SLF) allocations were approved for over 20 campus councils and events, which is then distributed to almost 400 campus organizations across Grand Valley State University. SLF is compiled of over $1 million from GVSU's general fund and housing and dining.

GVL / Nick Moran

President Trump holds MAGA rally in Grand Rapids

Tens of thousands of Michiganders flocked to Grand Rapids to attend President Donald Trump’s first “MAGA” Rally of his 2020 campaign. The visit marks Trump’s second rally in Michigan following his victory of the state in the 2016 election.  During his address to a packed Van Andel Arena, Trump tailored part of his messaging to Michigan, specifically noting the growth of the automotive industry in the state and the upcoming construction of new Soo Locks, which connects Lake Superior to the Lower Great Lakes. He also delivered “breaking news,” which included a promise to fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. 

March 1 student senate general assembly, GVSU pew campus. GVL / McKenna Peariso

Student senate holds first ever downtown GA

Each Thursday, Grand Valley State University's student senators convene in Allendale campus' Kirkhof Center for their general assembly meeting. For the final GA before spring break, however, senators decided to change things up. For the first time ever on Thursday, March 1, Student Senate held its weekly GA meeting in the university club room on GVSU's Pew campus. The push for the Grand Rapids meeting location came from several downtown-based senators, including Senater Olivia Kolc who helped organize the downtown assembly. The final GA before spring break was compiled with a visitor from the Grand Rapids city manager's office, some discussions on campus affairs and approval of the body's common technical framework.

Students work inside the Mary Idema Pew Library on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. GVL / Hannah Zajac 

Subscription inflation, enrollment dips cause library budget cuts

Grand Valley State University’s libraries is in the preliminary process of cutting over $800,000 for its collections budget to combat the rising prices of subscription-based services and an absence of bonus funds from the Provost’s office. In a January 2019 memo from University Libraries, the process will include the collection of feedback from students and faculty to ultimately make cancellations to journals and databases by January 2020.  Associate Dean of Curation, Publishing and Preservation Services Jeffery Daniels said that out of the library’s approximate budget of $12 million, there is little wiggle room in finding ways to cut costs. Nearly $6 million of those funds supports faculty and staff and approximately $5.2 million is set aside for collections, with the remaining funds being used for library upkeep and support, such as furniture and technology maintenance. 

Students getting food at Kleiner Commons. GVL / Andrew Nyhof

Board of Trustees approves housing, meal plan price increases for 2019-20 school year

Friday, Feb. 8, Grand Valley State University’s Board of Trustees approved price increases for on-campus housing and meal plans for the 2019-2020 academic year. The unanimous vote increased housing costs by $17 per semester and main meal plan costs by $50 per semester. The total increase was 2.2 percent, a $1.2 million increase overall.  The decision by the board was reached following reviews of GVSU’s tuition costs, as well as the costs of facility operations and student employment. Each year, the board addresses the housing and dining rates in February and tuition rates in July. The July date gives the administration time to factor in enrollment numbers for the fall in calculating tuition rates it proposes to trustees.